Sunday, 17 July 2022

Great Balls of Fire!

 Facts are simple and facts are straight, facts are lazy and facts are late, facts all come with points of view, facts don't do what I want them to!

Thus spake David Byrne in the guise of the Talking Heads on the song, Crosseyed and Painless, from the very excellent, Remain In Light. An apt description for this summer and my experience of the inferno we are currently subject to. 

Red alert. For the first time Britain is going to experience extreme heat. Others may scoff, but they live in countries adapted to it. We aren't used to that, and that is the trick of climate change. Whisking you away to a place you've never been and expecting you to insta-adapt. We could, but we won't.

Pop quiz: Where was Boris as a COBRA emergency meeting was held, regarding the weather. Was he?

a) Attending, chairing the meeting as a prime minister caring for the nation.

b) Partying at Chequers, like inflation was 1999%

Hint: it's not a.

How does one cope with the legacy of these last two years? Where everything has changed, yet wearing the guise of the ordinary and the usual? Everything has changed, but nothing has changed. Denialists - cranks - will say "it's always been hot". or, the perennial straw man: "we used to grow wine in Roman Times". These are not arguments. They do not explain why things are as they now are. It's probably the wage price spiral anyway.

I am alienated. It looks like the country I grew up in. The faces are the same, the lies are the same. The broken system remains broken. But now, while home burns, Boris fiddles. While Nome burns, the freakshow comes to town. Which of these fact denying truth twisters will remain unbroken from their economic contortion act to become the next monster in chief? 

Something has broken. It may never come back. This brave new world is hot to the touch. The sun, once a friendly welcome beacon - "here comes the sun" - is now an intruder. Angry at our poisoning the sky. Indifferent as we are to our own footprint on its heart. It gets a lot angrier than the rampant Christ-fascist wave in America. One that will drive out the last vestige of resistance to the baked in climate change. Baked in, like me in my house right now. Stifled by invisible waves of hostile air, unable to function. technology is unwelcome in the heatwave. All we can do is yield in our arrogance, if it will let us. I hope my computer will allow me the opportunity to post this without burning my fingers or melting down.

The world is on fire. It may never stop burning. On the plus side, intellectually illiterate self deciever, Liz Truss, may well be the next PM. The best we can hope for; blasted incompetence writ large like the fire that burns over half of the European continent. Pork Markets!

Monday, 31 January 2022

The Shite After Christmas

What is there to say at thi point? We have gone beyond all reason into a place where the political has been replaced by the tedious narrative of culture war. People are either woke or...asleep? I don't know. All I can say is that the gaslighting intensified over the past month. Over Christmas, when people might reasonably expect a break from the nightmare of the last couple of years. But nope, instead we were and still are treated to the intense spectacle of a posh twat refusing all responsibility. We need a report into my behaviour he claims, thus proving the very thing he seeks to refute: that he is an untrustworthy clown.

And yet he will get away with all of this. There is no accountability. The mechanisms of government are a) under his control and b) completely unsuited for that task. The met police, now investigating despite claiming it wasn't their job despite it being their job despite them still prosecuting other people for breaching the rules, have followed his request to fudge everything. He gets what he wants, Sue Grey will get let off the hook and receive a Damehood I'm sure. It is an obvious cover up, conduced right in front of our eyes while we are told there is nothing to see. 

 We are approaching the second anniversary of lockdown and the doors to plague island have already been thrown open. Boris desperately wants the support of the cranks that are in charge of the Tory party and so he gives them what they want, which is an end to any kind of response to the pandemic. But Covid hasn't gone away. Forgetting about it doesn't make it disappear. The new variant, which may well be replaced by something worse, seeded over Christmas and the subsequent death rate increased to reflect that. Now we are seeing almost 2000 people a week die. The price of Boris' premiership.

How can things get any better with this situation? The world seems on the edge of a knife. I think third world war somewhat (and hopefully) unlikely, but there is trouble everywhere. People are tired and angry, but are the angry enough to do anything to change the rotten power structures that continue to oppress us. 

Thursday, 23 December 2021

The Shite Before Christmas

Oh, hello. It's me and it's you, and we're back, just like the plague. The one that never disappeared. The one that's killed a thousand odd since 'Freedom Day'. The one that has now mutated, again, and reached new heights of infectiousness, thoroughly egged on by a lying incompetent murderer. Happy Christmas Britain, you've never been so totally gaslighted/gaslit.

What do you say at this point? How can this be leadership? There is no attempt, at all, to govern during this crisis. The only policy seems to be the herd immunity strategy from early on. The cranks have taken control. They like to blame everyone else for being 'lockdown fanatics', to quote Esther McVey (that well known epidemiologist). What they don't realise is that, by doing nothing when it's needed, stricter action is required later. They are the lockdown fanatics because their inaction necessitates it.

I don't know how we move on from this. Our government has condemned us to pandemic purgatory believing this is fine. We can all just get on with our lives, except that is still a vacuous statement. A thought terminating cliche to let the cranks off the hook. Without meaning or explanatory power it becomes utterly empty. People are getting on with their lives and the virus spreads off the back of that. Ironically it proves the only option left to their addled thinking and no one wants a lockdown. But they see only a binary and so assume that everyone else must therefore want the lockdown their inaction prompts. What should have happened and what I hope isn't too late to have happen is proper management of this situation. Unfortunately Boris is constrained by the forces he has unleashed and that will never happen. So we are doomed to ride a seemingly endless sea of viral tide with no end in sight. Capitalist thinking is short term and so can't see past the grey horizon of self and vested interest.

So here it is, crappy Christmas. What's to stop the same thing happening next year? The only hope seems to be that there will be a weakening of the virus and a movement to endemic status. But that could be years off. There's no guarantee covid will grow less mild. The data suggests that Omicron is milder, but the infection rate belies the problem and we are still in trouble if cases are allowed to surge, and they are, because Boris can't resolve anything. The Tories are ideologically and intellectually incapable of addressing this crisis. The chancellor, having been pulled back in the orbit of Britain by the gravity of the situation, offers meagre support, not even that. He thinks he's being generous: the kind hand of enlightened economics. The entrepreneurial Britannia he and the rest of the crank cabinet believe will save us. It will only doom us. Like the refugees they want to prosecute everyone from saving. In the end the cost of this support will come from the working class, sooner or later. That bell will toll.

A new year looms: threatens or dhere.elights. That remains to be seen. But if we don't do something about our paralysed government and its crooked ideological roots then nothing will change. This maybe how all our Noels sing out in the future.

In other, more delightful, news, I have more music here.

Thanks for listening

Saturday, 30 October 2021

But the Tories ARE Scum

So Angela Rayner has been bought to heel, after calling Tories scum (correctly). This apparently is a far worse crime than the social murder and democide of tens of thousands due to covid intransigence. This of course comes off the back of the latest example of how far British politics has gone, following the stabbing of David Ames. We still don't know exactly why that happened, but you'd think from the reaction of his hysterical peers that Twitter was responsible. In fact you'd be forgiven for thinking that anyone who dares publicly call out a Tory was responsible. And of course they are using this to fuel their hypocritical attacks on freedoms, specifically to insulate themselves as much possible from the accountability they use as stolen valour. 

I don't think I want to live in a brutal society, exemplified by the freedom for anyone to brandish a knife and commit murder. I also don't think David Ames, as demonstrated by his voting record (access to which is something else the Tories want to restrict), was the cultural hero he's been made out to be. Obviously his Parliamentary friends will disagree, as will his family. They should be allowed the grieve because that's a human need best left undisturbed. Truth remains; there is nothing valorous in voting to keep people hungry and impoverish them. This he did.

So it's all the more sickening to see Labour play along with the accompanying Parliamentary charade. The pearl clutching of closeted, relatively well protected, MP's continuing to protect their increasing privilege, while presiding over a gap of equally increasing inequality and injustice. I don't see much from them when it's working class people that suffer. Instead they will just blame the culture.

What is most odious about all this is how Labour are just the same. This system is irredeemable and its touch indelibly and irreversibly corrupting. Of course Keir Starmer is going to be accompanying Boris Johnson to lay wreaths on Ames' doorstep. Even Corbyn would have had to play the game, though in doing so the papers would have found some means to criticise him: the colour of his shirt and shoes for example. In this performance it shows just how little difference stands between Starmer and the lying social murderer in charge. When it comes down to it, they side with each other, against the rest of us. That is the function of our political system and Labour play a willing part in that. So now we have Angela Rayner rolling back, after 'reflecting', her comments. Yet the obvious truth; the Tories are scum and it is not toxic to point this out, even if one of them has been murdered. It might not be proper to say that in the immediate wake of events (though Rayner's comments were unfortunately mistimed, not her fault as any honest actor would admit), but it is the truth and that is most important. No one is suggesting we crash Ames' funeral and blurt that out, but we cannot forget it.

And I'm not suggesting Starmer and the rest of lapdog Labour aren't sincere in their conduct, layiung wreaths and paying tributes. But that's the problem: that's why I say they are willing participants in this charade. No amount of wreath laying or performative eulogising will bring the man back, nor will it address the fundamental inequalities in our society that he willingly (I assume) enabled. What is needed is a functioning opposition, but we don't have that. Instead they would rather engage in the ritual than the issues. 

Saturday, 11 September 2021

Creativity and Commerciality

And so we return to normal space. To a planet ostensibly azure and green that we call home. Only to realise it's still in a fucking mess. The plague hasn't gone away, it, like the society infected, has mutated. Problem is no one discusses the social mutation where now we are compelled to life as normal. That's impossible, we can't ignore that, from 'Freedom Day' to the end of 2021 another 25,000 or so people, in the UK alone (possible even just England) will die to Covid. That's excess mortality; deaths from a single cause alone. If that's normal you're either a Tory or you're not paying attention.

Meanwhile I have spent the last 9 months working on my music. Taking an opportunity afforded by this nightmare. Perhaps a once in a lifetime (perhaps already too late) chance to create something. In my opinion a life lived devoid of creativity isn't satisfying to me; you may be different and that's ok. 

The fruits of my labour have led to the creation of an actual album. A piece of work uploaded to Bandcamp linked below. You are invited to listen, what you do afterwards is for you to decide along with my thanks. 

But as I present to the world the first of what I hope will be many expressions, I must accept we live in a society that simply doesn't support creativity. All this, for whatever it may be worth, is on me; it is my work to own alone. My effort and the resulting quality, pr perhaps lack thereof, is down to me. I do not think it is too bad, but I do not own a vast recording studio nor a graphic design team to shroud it in acceptable presentation. Something that I'm sure works against me, however that's just how it is. We all have to start somewhere.

It is sad though; I'm one of probably thousands in this country alone. All of us doing the same thing, hoping to find favour with the greater community, eager to sell our work (to be crass) in order to survive and continue the work. We don't live in an age of artistic patronage. In fact we don't live in much of an artistic world at all, which is sad. It's not a lack of artistry or artists, it's a lack of systemic support. We have the tools, we have the technology, so why not provide services to people to share and, more importantly, to build communities of mutual support. That is what I lack: I am not part of a wider artistic community that can amplify our output. I do not have social worth; I lack the credentials to capitalise on. I don't' have a brand nor a name. All I can do is spam my work across forums and hope that, in doing so, I don't piss people off but win them over. It's an unfortunate world that capitalism has forged. All one can do is try.

Saturday, 21 August 2021

Ka Bollocks

Somewhere sitting on a beach while the country you're meant to be looking after goes to shit. 

That could just as easily apply to Britain, under this government, as it could to the unfolding nightmare in Afghanistan. Subjected to two decades of imperialism it has not moved on at all. The only thing that has improved are the profits of the capitalists that have plundered that country, in the name of blood and treasure. Warhawks profit once again. 

Returning from his no doubt well earned holiday, Raab enjoys a joke in Parliament while ministers pretend to care. Of course it's a pretence; it's just a talking shop. No one says anything of worth, except as an emotional toilet. No policy will be made. Once again Parliament proves its worth. While people die or drown, as they inevitably will left to get to here, where they foolishly believed they would be helped in turn, our government does nothing. Except to turn right. 

The sad spectacle of crocodile tear shedding ministers alongside the ludicrously out of touch lunatics that comprise the modern Tory party is equal parts farce and tragedy. Ben Wallace crying his fat faced heart out on breakfast TV. If he genuinely cared about the less fortunate he wouldn't be a defence secretary for a party that has spent a decade smashing its own people. 

I don't wish to play divide and rule, and that is not my purpose, but it is surely true that, if the Tories can't help the people that recently voted for them in astonishing numbers, they aren't going to care about refugees. They've just spent the Summer raising the temperature against them; contributing to the background noise that leads to not just racism in the terraces, but stochastic terror in Plymouth. None of these awful things just happen. So I'll take no moral guidance from ex soldiers whose tears are only motivated by the warped values inculcated into them by the military; itself a highly partisan tool of the ruling class (remember when squaddies were caught using Corbyn's photo on a dartboard? That's the tip of the iceberg).

And note that the pigs all crowded into Parliament, barely a mask to a man. Meanwhile the pandemic hasn't gone away. We may have, through sheer luck, avoided the worst of the predictions, but the virus is spreading. Cases are orders of magnitude above what they were last year, just before it went to shit for the second time. We aren't even at that stage yet, with kids yet to fully return to school.

We remain a miserable small minded island, at least from the top down. There are many who care, just look at the heartening response to racist Farage's repugnant fearmongering about the RNLI. Yet he's at it again, fearmongering and lying about Afghan refugees. That's what we appear to be now: a country of those who bully the least in society. All while lying to parliament, knowing they can get away with anything. Incompetent as fuck.

I hate them all.

Sunday, 1 August 2021

Freedom Dazed

So freedom day came and went. We haven't descended into the next circle of pandemic hell. Or have we? I'm not convinced the numbers are even accurate anymore. I'm not a conspiracy peddler, we know the government has form on manipulating data. Not least of all because last year it massaged its PPE figures by saying a pair of gloves, for example, was two sets of gear when, clearly, that's twisting the truth.

How can it be that, following a weekend where cases rose to 54 thousand a day, the subsequent week sees such a dramatic drop, that, by the next weekend, it's half that? Cases have then been hovering around that figure up to this day. Does the virus just stop now that everyone can go clubbing? There must be something else in play. After all we know the government is motivated to get everyone 'back in the office' rather than uphold sensible restrictions. They are after all a cabinet of cranks let loose by Brexit.

It could simply be that we are not testing enough, although I'm not entirely sure that's true. There is some question as to whether people are reporting covid properly. The symptoms are more emblematic of a cold if you're vaccinated so it's possible that a higher rate of infections is being shrugged off as something else. That isn't good, it means the virus is still spreading and present in communities. It doesn't matter if you're vaccinated because we want it to stop spreading, that's why we want herd immunity, but we certainly haven't reached that over the last couple of weeks. We'll be lucky to have reached 60% of the whole population.

Certainly it is a combination of these, and possibly other, factors. Again this comes back to the prevailing ideology, driven by the Tories: end furlough, business as usual. Why else are they trying to reframe the pandemic as a 'pingdemic'. Another stupid phrase designed to trivialise a dangerous situation that has led to many deaths. They don't care after all. If people switch off the app then the app can't tell them they are infected. If they ignore actual covid in favour of something more mundane then they won't get tested. But they can still be spreading the virus. 

We are in the twilight zone. I can't see how this situation is ever going to improve. The government aren't minded to institute public health measures if they can see 'acceptable' figures while everything is open. That is the acceptable collateral damage capitalism allows, just the same as structural unemployment is acceptable under capitalism because a reserve army of labour (i.e. the unemployed) is a price worth paying to keep wages low. Forced competition, never mind the human cost.

The uncertainty all this has caused is one of the most pernicious aspects of this entire debacle. yet throughout the Tories will continue to wage their stupid culture war. How many more kids will Boris force upon the latest of his brood mares? How many more kids will Patel deny because refugees are to be scorned and hated? I'm tired of the endless gaslighting.

Great Balls of Fire!

 Facts are simple and facts are straight, facts are lazy and facts are late, facts all come with points of view, facts don't do what I w...