Saturday, 15 May 2021


 And so the clock ticks again. The doomsday clock set to permanently spell genocide for those poor fuckers in the world's most infamous open prison. Gaza. Every so often the cage of the Israeli state is rattled and it has to flex its considerable, if foreign funded, muscles. In response those same foreign actors tub thump the same apocalyptic rhetoric. We must support Israel because otherwise it is the end of all things. Never mind that Israel are the aggressors because they are, in the lopsided relationship between prisoner and jailer, the most powerful of the two participants. 

The dismal 'all lives matter' style response is tone deaf. Like its hashtag namesake it pretends to an equality that in reality dismisses the lived experience that defines the relationship. Yes Palestine lives and Israeli lives matter. In practice however only one side is allowed that privilege. No matter what Hamas does the fact they are an occupied people is ignored. So yes, all things being equal, they ought not be firing their feeble rockets. But all things aren't equal, and what would you do if armed fanatics kicked you out of your house, bulldozed it, and left you crying in the rubble? 

This madness has dragged on for seventy years. That's just since the Naqba thereafter those evicted have no right of return. Meanwhile Jewish settlers are entitled to come to Israel regardless of their personal tie to the region. How is that not provocation? Never mind the full scale military assault and the continued genocidal bigotry of the warmongers in Tel Aviv and beyond. 

Whatever happens, the US will be on hand to clear up the mess. The Israeli state is a spoilt brat of the absolute worst kind. It has become a monster. I have no problem with Jewish identity culture or self determination. But the illegal occupations, genocide and torture, including of children, is unjustifiable. Unfortunately it will not end until the US does. Even now, with yet another withered old white wall stree apologist at the helm, nothing will change. Biden shows his true colours with sickening inevitability.

All I have are words. Insufficient and inefficient. They will not save lives nor end a brutal bloody occuptation. I offer them as cautiously and carefully as I can. But I will not be cowed by the machinery of the Israeli state. It's apartheid racist politics have infected our own for too long. There must be an end to this.

Monday, 10 May 2021

Bad Bye Election

The British like the idea of a working class politician. This is why Boris Johnson has tried to present himself as a man of the people, as absurd as it may sound. Labour, consequently, has been completely routed and wrong footed. Their wounds will bleed for sometime because that was the only thing they knew how to do. It's what got Blair elected. Even if both men, Blair and Bozo, are practiced spivs and liars with the media on their side. Despite his attempts to bring the party back under control, Starmer hasn't achieved that. Maybe in time Murdoch will give him his dark blessing. Until then, while he remains intent on fighting the Tories on their own ideological turf, he has no chance.

All I can say is that Starmer's Labour doesn't offer anything I want to vote for. He's just a naive authoritarian. The only reason to vote Labour is tactical, which is an indictment of this rubbish system. We are forced to playing the game because the alternative is worse. Those who argue voting changes nothing are only right insofar as it keeps the game going, but wrong in that even minor changes are better than nothing. It's an uncomfortable choice and what people need to learn is that, stripped away of the propaganda that comes with voting, participation doesn't equal endorsement. That would be like arguing because my local shop sells cigarettes and because I use my local shop it follows that I support cigarette smoking. It doesn't.

Labour will continue to twist itself up in knots because they will be in no hurry to replace Starmer, and if so with whom? Who is left (or right) at this point? Who cares, they are all the same. There is no vision, no platform and no policy. Being technically correct at PMQ's is meaningless in a world dominated by the right wing media. The Overton window has to be pulled back and they aren't even trying to do that, just assuming that people will listen. Yet people still don't trust Labour: a failure of ten years of refusing to stand up for even anything they have achieved. The crash happened, the coalition got voted in (the Tories didn't even get a majority back then) and Labour facilitated the current Tory majority by rolling over and agreeing with being scapegoated - as if a global financial banking meltdown was somehow in the power of a single national political entity or government. It didn't even begin in Britain.

The idea that 'we spent all the money' is such nonsense. It's as vacuous and depressingly malleable as "Corbyn isn't electable" or "woke culture ruined x". The discourse is now choked with this ideological detritus; these thought terminating cliches. Electability is a function of the Overton window. When I hear centrist cunts like James O Brien crying into his bank account, whining furiously on the radio, I wonder who he actually voted for because I'm willing to bet it wasn't Labour. He bemoaned Corbyn the day after the election, calling for his immediate departure even before a replacement was found. An act of the most egregious concern trolling. Yet his defence will be oh I'd love to be able to vote Labour but they won't let me because Corbyn isn't electable. It's a dishonest argument: he's electable if you vote for him. Given the abject failure of Johnson over the last year it is painfully obvious Corbyn would have been better. 

Just so with the bullshit about the nation's finances. Aren't we meant to spend all the money? Government acquires money through taxation (mainly) which we pay in. It's our money they are meant to redistribute for the common good: healthcare, roads, maintenance, etc. We all want those things. So why wouldn't we want them to spend everything we give them on those things? That's its job! To then make this, criminally unchallenged, claim (never mind on the basis of a stupid joke letter) is again nonsensical: it implies everyone has no more money to pay in taxes. Everyone's skint somehow. So there's no more money; the money just stopped! Of course it didn't, never mind that we can print our own or that borrowing has never been cheaper. The counter is always that we should save up for a rainy day. But that again implies the household budget analogy holds. It doesn't. Besides those things we want government to pay for are the rainy day investments! That's what healthcare and roads, etc, are! Now we're living through the rainy day and the government that used this canard to persuade voters isn't just further in debt (debt per se isn't the problem), but that it's refusing to use that money for the rainy day and is instead selling off that infrastructure. The most egregious hypocrisy.

All of which Labour doesn't challenge. Instead it finds ever more grey and bland suit wearing shells. More uninspiring performing seals to offer nothing. What were the people in Hartlepool to think? What were they to vote for? The Tories hold all the cards so Labour needs to cut through, it just assumed it could. This will continue. There is no hope for them because their politics are incapable of recognising a real alternative. The only place you'll find that alternative is on the streets with the real working class. The ones they've ignored for years and years, to their cost.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Goodbye Election

Tomorrow some people will go and vote. Not me, the only election held here is for the Police and Crime Comissioner. Since cops are cunts and the role is a made up non-job I tore up my voting card. I'm also going to have my second jab so fuck you capitalist state controllers.

Labour wants to pretend that Starmer is going to hold Hartlepool. Maybe he will, but doesn't deserve to. Not because the Tories are deserving. They are not. They are malevolent incompetent sleazy scum. But Starmer is a naive bland voiceless fool. His supporters will, and in fact already are, blaming Corbyn and his supporters, whom thye insultingly call Corbynistas while whining about how Corbynistas call them names. This is nothing if not ironic: they have spent five years publicly smashing their own party just to get rid of the twice elected leader. To the point they publicly called for people to vote against them. 

Starmer is already sharpening his excuses in anticipation of the electoral bloodbath by declaring that Labour's 'reconstruction' will take a long time. Yes it will, thanks to your naivete and desire to throw the left under a bus. Anyway I don't care. The Labour party is a capitalist tool. It has willingly complied with austerity, as is happening under the useless Marvin Rees in Bristol. Sadly he will likely win. If not it'll be a Tory. Who can tell the difference these days?

Labour are going to be in the wilderness for a very long time, just when opposition couldn't be more vital. Unfortunately they will never have the vital epiphany they need to smarten themselves up. Now is the time for something different. Lurching ever further to the right is pointless, you can't out-Tory the Tories. Their chums in the media won't stand for it, even if capital finds Starmer - for now - to be a safe pair of hands. Compared to Johnson and his brexpocalypse that is certainly true, but the reality is that.

This is late stage capitalism. A shoring up of ideological positions, a polarisation. The centre cannot hold. There is no actual centre; the idea of a neutral position, politically equidistant from left and right is a myth. Starmer isn't a centrist, that's something people that think themselves reasonable (as opposed to radical) tell themselves. We don't want reasonable, we want change. A better world. It will happen, the inertial makes sure of that. Too many people can see through the curtain now. They just need some help building confidence that fighting for the radical is the only option. Everything else is self destruction.

Friday, 30 April 2021

Fedcap Fails

Today was the day I had what I had assumed would be my latest Work Focused Interview. I don't think it was however. Instead, and to cut a long story short, Fedcap Employment, who had failed to respond to 4 messages, decided to contact the DWP over 'concerns' I had withdrawn from their scheme. I have already discussed that scheme, suffice to say that a combination of it being lacking, the advisers failing to connect, and the pandemic situation, wer ebehind my decision to quit.

This has annoyed me. Not least of all because, in my view, this is a breach of trust. I asked them, at least twice at the outset, whether or not, if I chose to quit, there would be consequences. I don't know what they told the DWP and the caller did 'assure' me that I wasn't in any trouble. But we all know how they operate. Anything that can look bad can be a problem. I was told that, having self referred, that it was my decision and there would be no consequences. However they since chose to ignore all communication and go to the DWP. If they were genuinely concerned (as opposed to concerns over their funding, which does come from the DWP) they should have replied to one of the four messages I set. I know they received at least one of them because it was to cancel what would have been my last appointment. Given that they didn't call me for that appointment they must have read the email. But they didn't respond.

This is frustrating. Trust is the most important aspect in all of this. If you don't feel that you can trust these organisations, when they are ostensibly there to help, then how can they help? We all know the DWP isn't even a neutral organisation. It doesn't have people's best interests at heart. While there may be many well intentioned staff, the overall timbre of the organisation is to ensure people get as little as possible. That's just how they operate. We all know this. Therefore anything that can mark your card is problematic. But wht does it say about a duty of care that one of their customer support partners ignores messages and goes behind the customer's back? That's obviously what happened. They made no effort to contact me, but, perhaps concerned abotu payments generated by my presence as a client, went to the DWP instead. As if the DWP is set up to properly help people in distress (if that was their concern). I don't buy it.

I remain happy to work with organisations like this going forward. Something I have always said and have always proven; after all it wasn't the DWP that referred me to Fedcap. I did that myself. However I will be guarded in the future. These organisations have to earn my trust. I do not provide that simply because they think they deserve it because of who they are and what they do. Too often that is abused. Especially when the climate for the unemployed is such that it won't be the claimant that's trusted, it will be the organisation. By quitting the course you are seen, in the context of this dreadful striver/skiver dichotomy, as being lazy. We all know the consequence once that's how they see you.

Of course the concern now is that, if that wasn't a proper Work Focused Interview, I could get a letter tomorrow telling me I've got another call. No thanks.

Sunday, 25 April 2021

Cranks On Parade

 Some people argue that the anti science conspiracy crank marches are a voice for the poverty stricken working class. The same bullshit was said about Brexit. I don't believe it's true now anymore than it was then. The people marching yesterday were doing so against a backdrop of a worsening situation globally; tens of thousands dying in India while the ignorant have their day out. They insult masked shoppers on Oxford Street demanding of others what they refuse to tolerate themselves. It's pitiful.

While I don't want to engage in class division, I doubt many of these (I'm guessing, I wasn't there and don't intend to be) aren't the working poor. They are people travelling down to London, enjoying a nice meal outside a cafe in the sunshine, while going on to regurgitate their Facebook provided bigotry. Fash lurk in the background.
In conclusion I'm not going to support this kind of fucking arrant stupidity. These people are dangerous. That's all there is to it. Probably petit bourgeois at best. I'm sure there are many working poor/working class who do share in their ignorance. They need to be reached. But they can't be coddled.

It's pretty obvious that, behind the scenes, there are nefarious interests at work here. Aside from the usual post Pizzagate/Qanon crankery. How else do you explain how some b actor bozo running for London Mayor? Who is paying for his campaign and his double decker bus? What does he do to support his endless appearances at these nonsense events? Is he actually doing any acting work right now? It's not like he's dressed in rags bumming change in Covent Garden while ranting about the Great Reset.

Make no mistake these people are dangerous. That is the most important fact. I have every sympathy with confused working class people. God knows we're in a period of the most intense gaslighting, and tryin to make sense of it all is a Herculean effort. But that cannot be an excuse for this toxicity. When you have high profile political wannabes saying, and I fucking quote, "healthy people don't need vaccinations", you have a problem. The rest of the world is dying. We're in the eye of the storm (potentially - who knows what the next few months will bring). This isn't over until it's over everywhere.

Like Brexit we should have rejected this narrative. It's anti working class: it's divisive conspiracy rubbish peddled by bigots and cranks.

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Bad Cop, Bad Cop

So while our government of spoilt truth twisting brats continues to behave as such, a victim of racist policing is sent down in the States.

I have no doubt Derek Chauvin is guilty. He publicly murdered a man by stepping on his neck for ten minutes. What I mean is that somewhere along the line it didn't occur to him that was a killing move. It didn't occur because at no point in his training or any aspect of the institution of policing in America (and beyond) was he told that doing such a thing could kill. Not only that but the institution bred out of him, as it does every cop, the possibility to question that tactic. So he did it because that's what cops do. It just also happens to be a racially motivated act. So yes, Derek Chauvin is a racially motivated murderer. The tragedy for him is that he doesn't understand this.

Therefore nothing will change and Chauvin will be a sacrificial lamb to ease tensions. But the fundamental problem that causes those tensions to exist, the racist capitalist American cultural hegemony, will remain. Certainly Biden won't do anything. In fact, while I reject the ageist politics his opponents used against him during the election, I have no doubt he is, ultimately, a fossil. He speaks with no fire, no passion. He's just another rich old white dude.

Is that fair? probably not. Is it nice? Probably not. It is true, though. 

The police exists to protect the laws that protect capitalism. They have the monopoly on force to do this. Racism feeds into this because of long standing ignorance and the structural inequalities that exist betwen communities of colour (including white, the dominant). George Floyd was pronounced guilty straight away. The only way the cops can deal with him is to sit on his neck. It is more important to them to subdue him than stand up and let him breathe. Of course he's going to complain he can't breathe, because that's what all guilty people would say. It's no different than saying I'm innocent! Yeah, of course you are. Except he is, because nothing he was alleged to have done warranted his murder, yet the conditioning that American cops receive prevented any other outcome.

If you want change, then not only do the cops need defunding, but the whole institution they exist to protect needs to go. Remove the need for them. They don't exist to fight crime, except on a very trivial level. If that were actually true then they'd need to go just because they suck at fighting it.

Tuesday, 20 April 2021

Summer Beckons

And so at last the seasons turn. The weather grows warm, inexorably so. Finally is time to put winter behind us. For a time. It will come again, that is unavoidable. Perhaps too another wave of the pandemic. It will, in some form, always be with us. Our government is not interested in adopting a zero covid strategy, and thus neither is the world. We shall limp through this crisis with the benefit of only time. There will be no support. If another wave happens, as is distinctly possible, I think the country might explode. 

Meanwhile the summer beckons. At worst this will be a brief respite, if things get worse subsequently. I guess it all depends how quickly they open everything up. Believing that we can open everything up however is a fool's errand. The presence of the virus clearly indicates that, somewhere along the line, there is a limit. One that is not commensurate with what the government would like, and no amount of profiteering will change that. You can't buy off a virus.

Maybe the vaccine will help. It's bound to, in some form. But it is uncharted science. A first attempt at a reaction to a novel virus. We have no idea how long the vaccine will be effective. So far it doesn't appear to be aversely affecting people. If, as is likely, boosters are required, perhaps every autumn/winter, how long will it take to administer those to the population? It will take, at least, the best part of six months, to give everyone their first treatment. We don't even know if that will induce herd immunity. 

There are variants to consider. There will always be variants. This virus is too prevalent in the world for that to be avoided. So many unknowns. What we do know is that international travel will trump virus safety. Government can pay lip service to border controls, ironically, but it's meaningless if they don't actually enforce them. This virus only requires a few people to be super spreaders. It doesn't need a large regular cohort moving across the globe. One or two people bringing the virus can cause an outbreak. The Tories won't care though.


 And so the clock ticks again. The doomsday clock set to permanently spell genocide for those poor fuckers in the world's most infamous ...