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Week 2

Well, er, actually it's week 3 technically. I just needed the time to get over the shock of...


to the head of the DWP.

What in god's name?

Her illustrious career last time culminated in being booted out of the Wirral constituency she'd been in charge of since 2010 (iirc). During that period she'd managed to offend any right thinking individual who cares about the poor and the social fabric of this society. Her comments during the infamous foodbank debate (the one where IDS walked out, presumably to change his burning pants, and the one where the rest of them brayed and jeered at stories of poverty) were inflammatory and inaccurate. She seems clinically incapable of giving a shit about people, other than her own self promotion.

And now she has power.

Parachuted in to Gideon Osborne's former constituency, the Tory safe seat of Tatton, she's now the head of one of the the most contentious government department in existence. How on e…
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Week 1

Toby Young, another product of the misogynist hateful class system of 'Great' Britain, is appointed to a position he merits only by virtue of being a vocal advocate of that misogynist hateful class system. Your children's educational futures will be regulated by a man who thinks that, unless they are as deserving and correctly bred as he, they aren't deserving of one.

Welcome to 2018. It is cold, it is only going to get colder: capitalism allows for seemingly unfettered and eye watering price hikes to desperate users of vital infrastructure. In order to continue doing jobs that, allegedly, propagate what passes for our economy, you now have to pay increasingly more of your increasingly lower wage just to do so. Often have I wondered just how ridiculous it is that people, who need work to live (thanks capitalism!), have to arbitrarily pay to do their job. We are told people need to work, but do nothing to facilitate that. What better example of the iniquity of capitalis…

How Will Support Be Next Year/2018?

As this year ends and the consumerist oblivion that is Christmas is a memory ago I have to ask this question moving forward. This is likely to be my last blog post for the year (a statement as melodramatic as it is vacuous).

Right now I'm waiting for my third attempt at the spectacular shit show that is the Work Capability Assessment. They have had two chances to do their job and failed each time. While the stone-faced receptionist was on the phone the HQ to find out why my second appointment had been cancelled, it didn't cross her mind to perhaps arrange someone there and then to see me. Whatever; they didn't. So now it's back to sitting by the door looking at the letterbox as if Jack Nicholson was about to smash his way through it and stab me to death. It doesn't feel much better.

In the midst of all this, where is my support? I work with (as a client, or 'customer', or whatever the correct term de jure is) a group who seem increasingly to fade into the b…

So That, Too, Just Happened...Again

Ah, sweet memories.
Remember the good times we had when I attended my WCA way back in the day (or at least November)? All the stress and anxiety worrying about coping in the waiting room, being made to wait for ages to be seen by someone who, despite not being a mental health professional, would ask a series of questions ignoring your health all just to find a tiny sliver of capacity they can use to completely deny you an income? Those good times?
Well...they're back!
So the not-a-doctor who saw me back then had decided that, in case she got sued or something, I'd have to be seen an actual doctor (but still not-a-doctor, because if you were a doctor you'd be a proper doctor, not working for the Gestapo here). Consequently, despite attending in good faith, and ignoring all the ensuing anxiety and dress, I had to tootle off back home like nothing had happened (which ironically is what happened). 
She did say that she would try and get me a home appointment, but I had assumed…

"I'm not a colour therapist, I'm trained in the therapeutic use of colour"

Yes, that's what she said when I went for my social enterprise-booked appointment with a colour therapist (or not, as she seemed to say - presumably to come across more amenably). A colour therapist who was dressed completely in black.

So what is colour therapy and why am I doing it?

CT proper is pseudoscience. It's a 'complementary therapy' (which means it isn't therapy) based on the existence of Chakras, the ancient Indian metaphysical system of bodily energy points. Each has its own colour and so the purpose of CT is to balance and align them. Only problem is that there's no evidence Chakras exist. It's a lovely worldview, but I see nothing that makes it real. Sorry. I can't afford to invest in fictional ideas.

CT as advocated by a colourless, if friendly (and she was, don't misunderstand me), not-a-therapist therapist involves the notion that we respond to colours in the way people respond to horoscopes. They make us feel good (which in reality …


There may be a ton of other, perhaps even more serious, subjects that do not get discussed. But in my view, and or the purpose of this piece, there aren't many quite as pernicious as being alone. Whether in a crowd (which can sometimes be worse) or genuinely alone.

In fact now that I reflect on this, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed. In so many ways this is something that feels, to me, something that one cannot admit. Whether or not this is a cultural attitude, or an expectation born of gender ("boys don't cry y'all").

The truth is.

Insert enormous pause.

That I am lonely.

It has taken an awful lot of effort to type this, of course that will not come through here.

I am not sure I should be posting this. But if you are reading it then you know that I have and the hell with it.

I have no idea what I want to achieve from this. It is seen as the least attractive thing, it seems to me in our culture, to admit this. In so many ways it is the ultimate sign of we…


Government harassment continues unabated. There's this, apparently.

It is a strategy called, ironically, Improving Lives. It seems to be another effort by, ostensibly, the capitalist class, to prod and poke at the sick. It will, it seems, never end. I don't see any input from those it affects - as per usual. What does that tell us about these people? They can talk about us, over us and speak for us. But not once do they deem it necessary to actual ask us or even listen.
It sets out the steps government will take to transform disability employment over the next decade and progress so far as we build a country fit for the future.  Steps that will of course not include any compulsion to employ people and treat them properly since that would immediately be shouted down as threatening profit. What does a country fit for the future look like? Is it built on the frozen corpses of the homeless, whose number has exploded in recent years? Is it built on the single mothers who starve to f…