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Strike Three?

Where to begin: it's amazing how nothing happening can produce such tension and thought.

So yesterday I was supposed to have a home visit from the WCA people - supposed to, guess what didn't happen.

This would have been their third attempt after initially telling me -at the assessment centre - I needed to be seen by a doctor because I presented with eyesight issues. No one showed up. It was only after I rang them I learned the assessor had called it a day for 'personal reasons'. In other words, we ain't telling you shit. That they knew this and hadn't bothered to let me know says it all really.

Imagine treating people like that. Imagine dealing with people with conditions severe or less so; people that suffer anxiety, stress, etc, and this is the best you can manage. Is that not unacceptable? It should be!

So let's unpack this. First some context: my first go was Autumn of 2017 Despite a summons, the assessment was cancelled on the spot; because I had repor…
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Return of What Is Help?

It is pretty clear that what passes for support is nothing of the kind. It's nothing more than bootstrap mentality bolted onto American self help guru buzzwords granted the gift of funding from the likes of the EU Social Fund. I guess that won't be happening anymore!

Schemes that have go-getting names like 'Aspire', or use numbers instead of words, like 'Aim 2 Succeed'. It just sounds like self reassurance rather than actual positive support. Like an affirmation: say it enough times and you'll start believing it. That, at least, is the theory.

In practice it just amounts to industrial scale gaslighting. If you do not fit in with very narrow definitions of what support actually amounts to then expect to be held responsible: "we just don't know how to help you". Then why are you spending public money? Why aren't you addressing fundamental structural problems rather than blaming the individual for their circumstances when those circumstances …

Brown Letter Day

Is there any other shade of envelope? Is there any shade more terrifying?

Yes, it's that time again.

You just know. You see the envelope and there is some barely perceptible quality your senses latch on to with predator-like accuracy. The summons from the Department for Work and Pain.

You will be assessed. And assessed. And assessed. Never helped. Always assessed.

This time it is a little different. Long time readers may dismally recall that last time I was told that I would be getting a home interview after they screwed up two appointments at the Misery Centre.

You might think that's a victory, but of course it isn't. My appointment is for sometime between 11am and 1pm on the 13th. They can't be accurate of course, but I guess that's to be expected. The problem is that I'm going to somehow either contrive to get the house to myself, which will be fun, or I will have to beg for a replacement appointment. Something that will not be easy. "Why?" they wi…

What is help?

Over the last week I made a complaint to Second Step whose Peer Employability Programme I had joined last October. A programme that seems to offer very little.

What is telling about this process is the response. It was almost patronising. You think something has gone wrong, we MUST listen to you, we MUST learn. Tell us all about it! Sit down, tell us, tell us! It was over the top.

My issue was that, after ignoring three emails expressing my dissatisfaction, they didn't respond to me at all, just passed them on to the person running the course. I objected to that because I felt that would be construed as a personal attack. I have no wish for her to have her confidence undermined. At the very least surely you talk to me first to understand the issues. But, as they say, whatever.

The consequence of all this is that today her line manager has emailed to discuss whether I want to continue. The problem is that I don't know what I'm continuing with. I asked her what this course w…

I Hate The Cold!

I can't get on with this time of year. There's no getting away from it. The freezing temperatures are only a part of it. There is something that sinks during winter and for three months you feel like drowning. I don't like it at all. It's like the very world is conspiring against you; the hostile cold. It is very hard to stay motivated and energetic during this period, and currently I am neither. Bring on the Spring on, says I.

Thus have I been lax in posting here.

It's been almost a month since my Work Focussed Interview. Fortunately I was able to request a telephone interview, though why that should ever be an issue is beyond me. Typically DWP bureaucracy makes requesting one a pain in the arse; you contact your 'work coach' but you can't because they don't give you the details. Instead you have to keep ringing the call centre to finally get through to someone that will give that information. Sometimes they don't. It's a system that exists…

Fascists vs Fascists

In which you will see how I can turn every topic into being about me!

What is the world we are living in right now? I don't recognise it at all. I simply don't. Brexit has torn society in half. It's made Game of Thrones look sane. All so hamfucker Cameron could appeal to gammonatti of Britain and win an election. Well that worked out didn't it!

To be clear, I don't think Anna Soubry is a nazi. I do however think she's a fascist and, in common discourse, that's largely synonymous. I think this because she is a willing proponent of state force wielded with bludgeoning force against the rest of us. Let's look at her voting record on welfare, shall we?

You can check out the rest of her voting record while you're there. A few progressive decisions (pro gay rights, like the hamfucker himself) doesn't really excuse her being a willing member of the capitalist elite that uses violence and weaponises poverty against the poor. That is fascism. If she wasn…


I'm sure that somewhere, in the temporal chasm between, there is a life. I just don't remember it.

That's the power the DWP has over your life. A cabal of people ill equipped and uninterested in actually doing the one thing they claim to be able to do. A bit like expecting a serial killer to explain human empathy or offer marriage counselling. How can they help? They are structurally not built for it. The system created them to gatekeep a supercilious bureaucracy that exists to deny you the one thing it exists for - and the one thing you need to live. Money isn't for you; it's for your betters.

How insane is that? We live on a world that, once upon a time before we fucked up the environment, was a corncucopia. We should be able to provide for people's needs. Unfortunately expecting something as simple and straightforward as that is less important than creating a vast bureaucracy to facilitae dealing with the people capitalism cannot cope with. The people surplu…