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More of the Same Old Bullshit

The nonsense with the social enterprise continues. I don't know what the correct title for these sorts of agencies is if not social enterprise so that will have to do.

Honestly, it just wears me down. I went to a meeting held by another grassroots mental health group. They are called Clarity and while they seem very nice (if a little standoffish, but I guess we've all got problems to be dealing with :( ). Unfortunately they were less a support group and more a campaign group. What's unfortunate about that is that I need the former more right now. Campaigning is certainly important and what I heard from the representative of the, I suppose, 'social enterprise sector' present was rather depressing. In short, because this is a Tory area, there are massive cuts to services voted for en masse by the local, dominant, Tory rump who reuse to accept mental health is a problem here (and could the local mental health peeps kindly fuck off to Bristol).

For me, right now, I nee…
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Staring into the Mirror

It is pretty clear that the recent horrific weather (the worst I've ever seen, take note climate change deniers) has put the appalling situation of homelessness to the fore. Unfortunately the deaths of rough sleepers has done little to melt the frozen bank accounts that pass for hearts in the Tory body politic.

In other words: they don't give a damn.

Let's just take a moment to think about what that means: citizens of this society are being allowed to freeze to death on the streets and nothing is done.

When the Russians allegedly (I don't want to be poisoned!) murder a spy on the streets of Britain, the Tories convene emergency meetings.

When people actually die, murdered by capitalism, on the streets of Britain, the Tories give themselves a pay rise.

And make no mistake this is a problem of capitalism. We have the facilities, the talent, and, in some cases, the desire, to end this. There are properties people can live in, but instead they are earmarked for the super r…

Power 2

I'm not sure if this is the last word in the sorry saga of the service user, but it's been about 6 weeks since I had any contact with my adviser. I emailed her boss on Monday to try and find out what was going on. Apparently she (my adviser) didn't receive my emails. I find that hard to believe; there has been no indication mail didn't get sent properly and it's a little too convenient but, as they say, we are where we are.

So I ended up having a conversation on the phone with the boss. I cannot say that I feel good about it all. In fact I feel as if I've had the proverbial rug pulled from beneath me; that I've been subject to the old bait and switch tactic.

When I first started with these people, as anyone that's read these blogs will attest, I felt pretty positive about it. There was no conditionality attached, and, it seemed, no hidden agendas. Now, I'm not so sure. Two things seem to have changed: firstly there is conditionality they just didn&#…


So we can see just how power works, and it is never a good thing.

A "hand up" not a "hand out"; in other words we can pay to print a CV or the cost of a stamp, but to feed yourself? Have a life? Enjoy a few nice things? No chance. Who gets to decide for me what I can or can't have? It seems the inheritors of wealth who through privilege get to make policy, enforced through monopolised violence, for the rest of us.

This model seems to be exactly how social enterprises work; the charities and agencies that profess to help the poor, the unemployed, and the sick. This includes schemes dreamt up by the government, or any wannabe philanthropist who claims to have a conscience. The Work Programme is no different.

Ultimately they all end up the same. Sooner or later you reach the limit of what they have to offer. It isn't very difficult, but the result is never positive. It is always an exercise in victim blaming. We can't help you - even though in many cases t…

Same Old Bullshit

Since last Summer, as I've mentioned a few times, I've been 'working' with another social enterprise, this one is called Team North Somerset. I didn't mention them before because, fuck it I am now. I don't know what else to call these sorts of organisations but social enterprises, they aren't strictly speaking charities, as far as I can tell, but they are not government agencies, like the DWP.

I say have been working; that should probably be past tense because this relationship looks like it's going to go the same way as my experience with all the rest - including the professional liars at the Salvation Army on the Work Programme back in the day.

Of course they will say it's all my fault - that I'm not engaging - but it's just the same old victim blaming narrative and an easy excuse to get rid of someone that isn't giving them the results they need for funding, or whatever. In this case they have lottery funding so that shouldn't - a…

Week 4 - Go Away Miss McVey

So this isn't really news, but who cares. I'm struggling to keep up with it all.

For reasons best known only to Brexit, failed Wirral MP and 'bootrstrap' mentality peddler, Esther McVey, has been given the reigns of power at the DWP. Even through the lens of Brexit, which really is the ideology pulling the Tories' strings right now, this is a baffling position. One might be forgiven for assuming they want some hardnut at the helm.

I wouldn't call her that, though her rhetoric is certainly just as ignorant, and she is certainly just as selfish. I mentioned bootstrap mentality; that's where she comes from. She's another of these 'self made' types; the nouveau capitalist that thinks they got where they are off the back of a little light Milton Friedmanomics and a 'can do' attitude. Just the same way Trump thinks his own effort made him the man he is, not the millions he got from his dad (including illegal casino chips). She's the sort t…

Week 3 - the same old Carrilion

Keeping up with the increasingly ridiculous Tory government is doing my head in.

It's the end of week 4 ffs and the whole President's Club scandal of entrenched privilege has broken. Carillion was last week's news.

That said, it's a clear indication of the failings of neoliberal capitalism: even the building to house the company's administrators is supposed to be Carillion!

Our very lives are entangled in a concrete spiderweb of nested and entrenched corporate privilege. We are squatters inside our own infrastructure. Our homes belong to people who can decide they don't want us because we don't have the rent they want more of. Our streets are named after slave owners, amusing innuendos (Bell End!), or owned by oligarchs. The places where we do business are owned by people we'd rather not do business with. It's a permanent state of disenfranchisement. We are the ghosts that haunt our homes.

It is clear that the government, under the sinist…