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The Business of Jobs

Let me be clear, I'm no fan of Labour. It seems that under Tony Blair it went wrong pretty quickly. The Ecclestone affair, cash for questions and, more importantly in my mind, the introduction of tuition fees. This was a watershed moment, the first step in kicking the ladder away from the lower classes. It certainly had an effect on me as I quit a university course that I was uncertain about because I didn't want to get into lots of debt. I'm not wont to try again given it would only increase that burden, no matter what the conditions are regarding paying this off. 
But it wasn't Labour that were to blame for the current bullshit - at least no more than the Tories and even the Liberal Democrats (having now shown their true colours). This is simply because the City and the banksters are the Tory party. No matter how right wing Labour have become, no matter how hard they've tried to take the centre right political ground (to curry the favour of the likes of the Mail…

The Olympic Dream

I can't believe how cowed the masses have become (and that's my own naivete). Hearing a 'discussion' about the Jubilee on Radio 5eebleLive with the ever useless Nicky 'West Hent Kunt' Campbell, the amount of desperation in the voices of those so desperate for anything that even seems positive was frightening. People so desperate they'll buy into any old mirage; like a man drowning of thirst in the desert (see what I did there?). So tired and so beaten they only have anger left; how dare you wreck my day off. How dare you ruin my street party. The queen is white skinned and works hard. That's what's important!

The Olympics! What a fucking joke. Everywhere I go there's a billboard with pictures of naive young athletes selling crap. Lord Coe's the modern Fagin with his band of street urchins hawking travel taverns and face creams. The shiny youthful vital face of gullible capitalists. These are our heroes? Perform…

Who PullsThe Trigger?

I don't watch Carole Malone, unless she happens to show up on a discussion show I happen to be watching. I have long found her to be another ridiculous right wing troll. It used to be that I would watch the Wright Stuff of a morning. Unfortunately that show has long gone downhill, turning into the arse end of tabloid tv. Not surprising given that Channel 5 is owned by Richard Desmond now. There was a time though, when the show had James O Brien on, that it was half decent. There was also a time when the odious Malone was a regular talking head on the panel, but I kicked the habit years ago.
It seems she has outdone herself this week; on This Morning, that popular festival of informed and deep discussion, she claims that the Philpott family, who have no lost 6 kids in the most awful circumstances, somehow 'drew attention to themselves'. Consequently this has caused something of a backlash. But where has that backlash been all these years that Malone, and the rest of the ob…

Dancing in the Ruins part 2

Every time I get my scrounging allowance I have to consider how much to keep back until I next sign on, usually this is around £40. This is because I cannot guarantee when next I sign that I'm not going to find myself being told 'you haven't done enough to find work. If that were to happen I'd need something to try and keep me going until I could at least speak to the CAB and put in some kind of appeal - not that £40 would really cover me for the duration such a process would likely take. 
Now I'm not sure that this is how such a scenario would play out, but that lack of security, that lack of knowledge is really what the DWP thrives on. The same with the Work Programme. You are never really told how things work, when things happen and what you can do. You are given a Jobseeker's Agreement, but at the same time expected to undertake what is reasonable to find work - and you cannot presume the two are the same. I am given to believe, but of course I am not at a…

Dancing in the Ruins

Life is getting stranger by the day. It's just difficult to keep up. No wonder so many people feel displaced, even the weather isn't doing what it's supposed to. Things seem to be changing, but in reality they aren't changing fast enough, or to what they ought to be. On Sunday another of the government's bald idiots (is there some pattern here? Baldness + Tory = stupid twat) decided to weigh in: William Hague's laughable comments in the Telegraph saying we (which is to say everyone else) aren't working hard enough. What does that even mean?
In the west we have a peculiarly self destructive attitude toward work and effort. We let it define our entire lives. We believe, unlike in the east, that when undertaking a task one should expend as much effort as possible. To do anything else is laziness. But the ancient Chinese always advocated expending enough energy to get the job done. Imagine advocating that over here, and the populist press, and of course the ba…

Workfare Wards

Read this.

If this is true then it warrants investigation right fucking now!

This is too horrible to countenance. Do you want unqualified workfare employees working in hospitals?

I'm posting this to spread the word. Let's get the facts on this. I don't have more to say, but this could potentially be the biggest story of the moment - if the right wing dominated media get their act together and do their jobs properly.

De Real World

Last Monday I had another, pointless, interview with my GP. Frankly I'm coming very close to getting shot of him. The guy really is starting to piss me off; he doesn't listen, he doesn't understand and no matter how many times I try to explain how the benefit system works (or rather doesn't work), I'm just wasting my time. 
That he's only available in my surgery one day a week doesn't help either. This is exacerbated by many factors, conditions that Lansley's privatisation smorgasbord will only make worse. Firstly the surgery, out of necessity, is partnered with a neighbouring surgery. Consequently he's available there more than here. Patients can potentially travel to either venue and be seen, but that's no good if you have to pay exorbitant bus fares to get to the other surgery which has a far bigger patient register. This means that I have to compete for time at my surgery with him with rival patients. There is no priority system whatsoever.…

Not Quiet Enough

The self styled quiet man really has sunk. After failing as Tory leader he got stuck into social policy thinking, fortunately while away from the power to enact policy. For a time there was something akin to a flicker of a conscience in the man: a realisation that life for the poor wasn't quite the mardi gras he seems to think it is. 
That flicker was gutted when the Tories came to power. He's quickly established himself as a real attack dog in his brief as secretary of state for work and pensions; a man unable to look his opponent in the eye yet more than happy to hector and harangue. His tactics in debate are facile and ill becoming of a proper statesman. He routinely shouts people down, hectoring them, talking over them or under them. Just watch last week's disgraceful performance on Question Time. 
However that pales in comparison to what has been alleged by (of all sources) the Daily Express. This article reveals an even more cruel streak. It is the rotten heart of t…

Clegg's Choice

Prior to signing my soul away on the Work Programme, I was made aware of an alternative; a scheme called Work Choice (or Work Choices - I think it's the same, if not this post is a waste of time!), locally run by an outfit called Pluss. I'm bringing this up now because of this.
It seems again the government has bungled another scheme. Even though, from what I can gather, this scheme is more or less the WP by another name, and even though it's intended for people with health issues, it can't get government funding. That useless twat Clegg, the depty PM, can't even get help for those that need it the most to compete (as we must, it seems) in the job market. 
I was told that Work Choice was a scheme that runs for 6 months. If you don't find work at the end of it (and if it's anything like the WP you won't) then you go onto the WP - at least that would have been the case for me; hobson's choice. I was told they'd come out to meet me locally. This t…

The Cost of Parking

So it seems I have been parked: that is abandoned by the WP. I have heard nothing back from them at all. I still have the forms given to me to fill in, some of which remain unanswered because the questions are stupid and I frankly can't be arsed. Is this a good example of Christian charity? But then, it seems, the Salvation Army has form in this area: they subscribe to a strict biblical morality with all the divisiveness that entails.
Thing with being parked is that you are left in limbo: the claimant still has to search for jobs to fulfil the condition for receiving JSA and show his efforts, but he gets no support from the people that the public purse is paying for that. I'm not entirely sure this is a better situation. But then I don't really want to rock the boat when I go and sign on in case I get shipped off on workfare. This is an unacceptable state of affairs, and one that goonface Grayling will doubtless deny happens. The more these experiences trickle out the har…