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The Olympic Dream

I can't believe how cowed the masses have become (and that's my own naivete). Hearing a 'discussion' about the Jubilee on Radio 5eebleLive with the ever useless Nicky 'West Hent Kunt' Campbell, the amount of desperation in the voices of those so desperate for anything that even seems positive was frightening. People so desperate they'll buy into any old mirage; like a man drowning of thirst in the desert (see what I did there?). So tired and so beaten they only have anger left; how dare you wreck my day off. How dare you ruin my street party. The queen is white skinned and works hard. That's what's important!

The Olympics! What a fucking joke. Everywhere I go there's a billboard with pictures of naive young athletes selling crap. Lord Coe's the modern Fagin with his band of street urchins hawking travel taverns and face creams. The shiny youthful vital face of gullible capitalists. These are our heroes? Performing under the Eye of Sauron and his missile launchers. But how dare you question it when some local school kiddie won a prize to drag a fire hazard six foot up the road just so YOU can be a free citizen. Don't you know this shit is important? People died for the right to tell you what you can and can't eat in a square mile of corporate branding that was once the place you went to school

God bless you ma'am.

And now we hear that some of the people carrying the torch are ebaying their Olympic merchandise. Critics are vocal in their disapproval: "it's not in keeping with the spirit of the games."

Are you sure about that? Selling mass produced shit in the name of sport seems to be entirely what the Olympics represents. Just wait till after the medals are tallied and we see 'Sir' Tommy Jones, aged 17, fresh from throwing a pointed stick further than anyone else, barking that the latest razor shaves him even sharper. All in the spirit of the Olympics.


  1. £9 Billion spent on a 2 week event.. How many peoples lives could this have helped. Has sport ever actually done anything to help society. How many lives has it enriched? Look at all the displaced people, look at the people evicted in that area so the landlords can charge more, Look at the newham social cleansing they planned..

    When they say oh look at the stuff left like the stadium, but look at beijing they have the birds nest stadium, its hardly used. Look at the swimming pool. The fact that these facilities only exist for londoners, They will not help the north west, or north east.

    1. Of course, it's a huge white elephant. Even they know that, but that's life in corporate capitalism. This is just about signing contracts and selling product. The whole thing is laughable, but if you question it you are a pariah. Same old deal. Now there's some question as to the safety of the horse riding!

  2. This has just come out (circulated on FaceBook five minutes ago):

    Unpaid jobseekers to deliver patient care in three hospitalsSandwell and West Birmingham hospitals trust to extend unpaid work experience scheme after successful pilot

    Andrew Coates Ipswich Unemployed Action

    1. Yes, this is some seriously fucked up shit. Do you want to be attended by a proper nurse (or at the very least a proper authentic volunteer) or a jobseeker there because the alternative for him is sanctions, having been fastracked by the system? This is beyond a joke for sure. Thanks for the link, I hadn't seen this article today. I hope it makes the mainstream news.

  3. Add to that the laws for hiring and firing to be relaxed.. Fire everyone replace them with work programme people..

    If i was sick, i wouldnt want me to help take care of me.

    1. it's just another tory capitalist who just wants cheap labour.

  4. Have you seen this Unemployed people suspected of suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction will have their benefits cut if they refuse treatment for their condition, the work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, will signal on Wednesday. Suspected, It is understood that the work and pensions secretary will not make a formal announcement on Wednesday of the powers that will be handed to Jobcentre Plus staff. Duncan Smith wants to use the event to focus on what he regards as the positive work AA does in helping to treat alcoholism. The source said Duncan Smith believes it is right to give jobcentre staff powers to cut benefits if an addict refuses treatment because they can detect signs of trouble.

    1. Mental. I read the article, and in fact have just posted comments.
      How will JC+ staff be in a position to diagnose addiction problems? Who will they refer such people to? How will this work when even people run such facilities say you can't force treatment on people? That alone is a recipe for disaster.
      What happens when someone feels aggrieved when their JC adviser/WP adviser decides, off the top of their head, they (most likely because they find the claimant as stubborn) are on drugs, drink, whatever.
      And where is the support (ie funding) for these facilities going to come?


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