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Boss Bans Jobcentre (ugh, it's the Daily Express)

I don't know what to make of this. Well I do, actually, it's from the Daily Express (and the Mail picked it up as well) so it's probably bunkum. Or at least a fantastic distortion of the facts.
I suspect at the heart of this is again the JObcentre's fascination with sending anyone to any job, regardless of what the employee actually wabnts. I have already hinted at how they change or distort requirements when advertising a position submitted to them. I think that's what's happened here.
Certainly tghere are some scummy kids out there. Unfortunately. I know because I 've been on the receiving end of their behaviour, particularly when returning from a hospital visit to see a relative dying of pneumonia. But there are, we must all concede, some decent kids out there. But they are all kids; the good ones should be supported while the others should be recognised for being failed by their environment and the system they are in (including their parents, for whom the…

The Thinking of Idiots - a quick rant

I used to be a member of the site forums until I was banned for telling the right wing trolls, rather unceremoniously, where to go. Aside from the appalling level of fascist (there's no more apt a descriptor) trolling it's a decent enough forum. There are just too few sensibly minded individuals. However I occasionally visit the benefit discussion forums; consequently I discovered this fine example of the thinking of idiots.
Now how can the JC expect someone to accept a jobwhere they have to walk 13 miles home after a shift? This is patently absurd. Yet the high minded keyboard judiciary that dominate both that site and, increasingly it seems, the national mood seem to believe that's perfectly reasonable, and that being sanctioned as a result of refusing such conditions is perfectly acceptable. I don't think it is. More and more we are racing to the bottom. More and more we are being compelled, by means of such insidious standards, to accept these …

Notes on JC + Adverts

I'm sure this will be an ongoing series. It's been clear to me for a while that there is something amiss in the processes used by the DWP to advertise the vacancies they receive. Some of these, in fact most, are sourced from recruitment agencies, specifically sites online. This is evident in the formatting errors caused by directly copying the text from the screen. Copy and paste from the site's page and into Word/Notepad and you can see how disjointed the text is.
Last I signed on I was given a part time admin vacancy to apply for, even though, net, my income would be no more than a few quid above the JSA. (What's the bloody point? How does that help me?) I rang up when I got home and the relevant contact was on a week's holiday. So I have just rung again (I don't want the job at all, I'm not remotely interested in admin nor do I have experience thereof) only to find that the job isn't, as the advert says, 'experience preferred'; it's experi…

Every Little Helps - the end

Like all good trilogies, this one goes up to 3; here are my closing feelings on Tesco with a few observations having seen at last their new shop. It opened a few days ago with a nice photoshoot for the local press. I had a look but didn't go in (couldn't as they were too busy being snapped). Straight away I notice that the makeup of the staff (or at least those wheeled out for the camera) are mainly young women. There was a manager type gentleman in a tie whom I suspect was an area manager. Looks like Tesco have hired young mums, older mums and students/wives. This wasn't a career opportunity. People that don't need more than the NMW.
Second point to make is that there is already a shop down the road. I've mentioned them before. I have to say that I feel for them. Theirs isn't the best shop, but they've been royally screwed. All the passing trade is going to be taken by Tesco who are on the same side of the road and, inexplicably, have been given permission …

Every Little Helps Part 2

I never (as yet) heard back from Tesco. Thankfully. I do not want to contribute to the demise of my village. Not that the DWP would care, I imagine. The private sector is the great and holy saviour.
A quick trip in light showers of an early Autumn evening to stock up on Minstrels and I got chatting with the one local shop that's most in danger from this new development. They are on the same side of the main road (that runs through the village) but a little ways down. As such they are particularly reliant on passing trade. Well that's seriously going to be curtailed.
The manager isn't happy.
He points out, and I've noticed, they're advertising cash machine and lottery facilities - while the planning permission for these has yet to be granted. Another local shop applied for a cash machine to be fitted and was refused. That shop ain't Tesco. He tells me that he's been waiting 6 years to get a lottery point. It seems that he can't have one because there is ano…

The Report

Last night there was a broadcast on radio 4's The Report (a show I've never before heard) about the Work Programme. You can find it on the iplayer; it was broadcast at 8pm.
I'm not going to discuss the programme in depth, suffice to say that one of the talking heads was my favourite Pauline-a-like, Hayley Taylor. I have zero respect for this awful human being and here laughable brassy northern brand of pop psychology. Interestingly though it transpires that she resigned from her job as arch single parent botherer at A4E, claiming that "I couldn't do this anymore". Apparently she realised how flawed their programme was.
What's interesting is that she felt it acceptable to quit her job (presumably because she had the money to do so and TV supsterstardom beckoned) yet can't accord that same freedom to others. For a month out she hectored and pilloried people on Fairy Jobmother, promoting tired cliches and values steeped in irrelevance and nostalgia, now he…


Today's signing was at another completely different time. The usual advisor is on holiday so I had to regularly sign on with the proles - no special treatment for me! :D

Really just the usual nonsense. I keep a jobsearch record, as I'm expected to, it gets signed off after being examined each time I sign. So before anything else I had to tell them that I had applied for the jobs on the list the advisor called up. Of course I could have just said yes anyway, she wouldn't know. She then tells me I have to keep a record; which I do and have done. She signs off on the record as usual.
Then we have the usual search on the system. What the point of this is I don't know. I have just shown her the record of jobs I've applied for, I've also just looked on the jobpoint, not to mention this is all stuff I have to do anyway. If you aren't going to believe that I've done my part there is little point having a conversation about it.
Now I have a problem (one of many): m…

Welfare Dependency

I'm sick of hearing about this. It's a myth. Another lie perpetuated by the corrupt capitalist state to blame the unemployed for theirs and everyone else's problems in the economy. Everyone wtihin a capitalist system is dependent; they are dependent on either benefits, welfare or their employer paying them - and we all know how insecure that can be, laws or otherwise. People out of work are portrayed in this fashion as one might describe someone as dependent on drugs.
The capitalist system has long disenfranchised the people from the means to support themselves and has made them dependent on money/income. I can't grow my own food in any meaningful way. I certainly can't farm meat, make my own clothes or prepare medicines. Where once communities and individuals did just this. Now they don't. You want food you have to pay for it whether unemployed or otherwise. Where that money comes from is irrelevant because the effect of its withdrawal is the same. People can c…