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Every Little Helps Part 2

I never (as yet) heard back from Tesco. Thankfully. I do not want to contribute to the demise of my village. Not that the DWP would care, I imagine. The private sector is the great and holy saviour.
A quick trip in light showers of an early Autumn evening to stock up on Minstrels and I got chatting with the one local shop that's most in danger from this new development. They are on the same side of the main road (that runs through the village) but a little ways down. As such they are particularly reliant on passing trade. Well that's seriously going to be curtailed.
The manager isn't happy.
He points out, and I've noticed, they're advertising cash machine and lottery facilities - while the planning permission for these has yet to be granted. Another local shop applied for a cash machine to be fitted and was refused. That shop ain't Tesco. He tells me that he's been waiting 6 years to get a lottery point. It seems that he can't have one because there is another shop that does the lottery and they'd have to concede ownership. That's not unreasonable given the size of the population and that shop (the same as wanted to put in the cash machine). But these shops ain't Tesco.
So am I to be forced to work for a company that's going to be responsible for putting others, family business all (without exception), out of work? Where does the private sector draw the line? Doesn't the government care? I thought they were all about small enterprise? Perhaps not when it's Tesco.


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Just so I can be sure this is being read at all and decide whether it's worth continuing, please shout out in the comments. Even if you think I'm talking barmy bollocks, it'd be helpful to know if there are people reading this and not weird bots from phishing sites or Russian hackers or some weird sentient algorithm.

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