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The Noose Tightens...

Week 12, now the fun begins.
After waiting the extra 15 mins (for no reason it seems) having had my sign time needlessly changed I go through the motions once again. A list of jobs is paraded before me most of which are unsuitable for reasons of experience (or the lack thereof), transport and location. These factors seem to be something the JC just cannot process. Of course I'm just seen as refusing work, but if I don't have knowledge of the building trade or the only means of public transport doesn't get me there on time. What can I do when it's pointed out that I can get in at 9am (as is evident that I can by virtue of my presence at the jobcentre right now) therefore it must follow that I can get in any time.
Then my next time is booked. Again this seems to require some change in the process. Out comes the green appointment card, indicative of the seriousness of this next appointment. I'm booked on the 10th (hoo-fucking-ray) at the incongruous and inexplicable tim…

After the Honeymoon

Got myself a pass from signing on the 29th due to the blueblood's arranged marriage. A pleasant event I'm sure if you're a fan of hats and prearranged events designed to soothe the social outrage going around at the moment. Sorry Dave, nice try. Thanks for the pass though.

Anyway I get back to the Jobcentre and the old stress kicks in. I really cannot deal with attending this place. I can't function under this level of stress. People aren't meant to live like this. God only knows what it's like if your health condition is worse. Why is there no other way for dealing with unemployment than shepherding people to an arbitrary venue and processing a signature? Before the invention of the Jobseeker's Agreement people used to be able to sign via post! Imagine that in the new tory era: IDS wouldn't hear this at all - no profit in it.

So as I attend I find that I, and two others, are to receive special attention: we have to wait for some coordinated effort on the…