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Stuff Yer Jobs!

I'm being a bit naughty and I don't care, though sadly not in a particularly saucy or interesting way. Instead I'm not going to apply for a couple of the jobs I've just seen on the DWP website. This, quite simply, is because they are shit. If that makes me a terrible person and an irresponsible citizen then tough shit. It's a sunny day and humans were not up on this earth to apply for crappy part time admin jobs at the other end of the nearest city in some ghastly industrial estate. No doubt this is exactly the sort of thing that fuels the dreams of people like IDS and Chris Grayling. Clearly I am a shirker and a feckless layabout not worthy of state support. But is it really worth applying for a job that isn't going to even pay enough to allow me to 'contribute' and to 'pay my way', which is the big deal about working - so I'm told. Can I live on £85 a week? I wouldn't apply for it if it were 850 quid a week (irrelevant really since th…

Olympic Welfare Question

Well we are now in orbit of the sun itself. We are so close now we daren't even open our eyes the light will instantly burn our corneas right ouf of our heads. The heat is unbearable. The Olympics are upon us. 7 years of corporate deals, back room handshakes and the engineering of capitalist privilege masquerading as sportsmanship. It's sad really, to see all those young kids conditions by this juggernaut into becoming less athletes and more corporate tools. Is Jessica Ennis an athlete, or is she a model? Does she even care, or is she looking forward to her inevitable honour from the Queen like that cyclist bloke: Sir Chris Hoy - not quite what King Arthur envisaged when he founded the Round Table!
To help Jessica understand what's really going on, perhaps she should read this. She could also listen to this, as I am doing right now.
I am not going to go into the Olympics per se, nor am I going to dissect all the nasty little corporate/political actions undertaken on behal…

What's Wrong With Everything 2 - Job Search

I've just done a job search for the day.

Granted it didn't take me the 8 hours that Camerot-in-hell and his think tank cronies would like, but then why should it. I look online at corporate websites including the DWP's own toilet of a database.
Frankly my head just spins.

Einstein is reported to have said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different result. That is exactly the definition of jobhunting with the Work Programme (or, more accurately, in spite of it, as they don't help at all). I look at the same pages, the same poorly designed career/recruitment sites and it's a mindfuck of corporate bullshit, images of happy clappy people all in some joyful action pose, like action man on MDMA. The same results,over and over. The same poorly placed links, the same stupid ad copy that I cannot read (literally, my eyesight and my ADD make parsing the "you will be a dynamic dynamo within our dyn…


I got a letter from my doctor today. He wasn't happy that I'd decided to cancel the appointment with the Asperger people (this despite him telling me that he didn't believe I had Asperger's). To be fair, I think that it's more likely that I have ADD, not Aspergers. But it makes no difference. There's no point. Getting a diagnosis won't make a damned bit of difference, and as I said to the GP last time: if you think I need a sick note then write one now, because I won't be any difference post-diagnosis. 
All a diagnosis would do is tell me what I already know; wehter it's called Aspergers or ADD or whatever makes no difference, I know the issues I have and I know there's no support available. So why waste my time traipsing around town in pursuit of something that might not even come out in my favour? Even DLA is being canned by this government. The bottom line is that I would still have to face the WCA, which I would most certainly not pass - an…

What's Wrong With Everything part 1 - Army Cuts

A new series wherein I roadtest material for my imaginary standup tour, entitled "Give me money, I'm a scrounger". 
Army cuts. Well we can't have that. Anything that threatens the esprit de corps and the proud history of our government's hired guns is a bad thing. These people serve, apparently; they serve queen and country. Ironically those are the two things that do not have a say in what they do. The country doesn't vote on wars or military misadventures, neither does the queen in whose name they kill funny looking brown people.
People say that the squaddies have no say in where they go and what they do, though I find that a bit spurious - what do people expect they are going to be doing when they are given a gun and trained how to use it. But really the idea that having no say in whom you kill and where strikes me as anything but a positive.
The government wants to cut the number of soldiers. Of course it could save money by not sending kids to fight an…

Disability and Unemployment

Today I received an email from a mental health group I had contacted to get some advice on. Unfortunately it wasn't very helpful. Not intentionally of course; in fact I have no doubt of the sender's sincerity or desire to help. It's because the prevailing wisdom, the 'pro-work' message is now fully ingrained; that arbeit macht frei. It's also because the unemployment gravy train has seeped into every aspect of the employment support 'product' that there is no escape. 
I was given a link to this: the British Association for Supported Employment, which you might think seems a noble cause. However on closer inspection it is full of unfortunate messages. The first link thereon I followed, as the email recommended, was to see what BASE could offer locally. This just sent me to a list of local Work Programme style providers, my nearest being Seetec, who already have a reputation among the Work Programme crowd. The name has popped up too many times for me to …

It's Still Great!

I chanced upon the Salvation Army's recruitment advert again yesterday and had a look at the advert details. I discussed this before here, but I don't think I looked at this stuff. 
Firstly I'll mention (again?) this trait as required by their 'Job Life Coaches':
The ability to work within the Christian ethos of The Salvation Army?
 Hmmmn. Well that ethos doesn't seem very Christian to some people, particularly in Australia. I'm not gay so I've no immediate worry about being stoned to death here, but it suggests, along with their ludicrous military affectation and archaic demeanour, they are somewhat out of touch. So anyone technically can work for them without being specifically Christian so long as they subscribe to Christian ethics. Of course ethics such as tribal Bronze Age views toward sexuality and equal rights are shared by many of the west's popular faiths, but they don't have Work Programme facilities except in church halls. How many Em…