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Olympic Welfare Question

Well we are now in orbit of the sun itself. We are so close now we daren't even open our eyes the light will instantly burn our corneas right ouf of our heads. The heat is unbearable. The Olympics are upon us. 7 years of corporate deals, back room handshakes and the engineering of capitalist privilege masquerading as sportsmanship. It's sad really, to see all those young kids conditions by this juggernaut into becoming less athletes and more corporate tools. Is Jessica Ennis an athlete, or is she a model? Does she even care, or is she looking forward to her inevitable honour from the Queen like that cyclist bloke: Sir Chris Hoy - not quite what King Arthur envisaged when he founded the Round Table!

To help Jessica understand what's really going on, perhaps she should read this. She could also listen to this, as I am doing right now.

I am not going to go into the Olympics per se, nor am I going to dissect all the nasty little corporate/political actions undertaken on behalf of Lord Coe (lord of...running?) and his personal juggernaut. What is clear is the Olympics has nothing to do with sport, sportsmanship, or competition. I suspect we all knew this already; it's patently obvious. But more than that, it now strikes me that this is a front for all the equally nasty corporate social engineering that politicians know they could never get away with any other time. Actions like community displacement (and allowing their bankster chums to get hold of these lands afterwards, for their own ends). 

I'm not an investigative journalist (I'm far too lazy for that). So I'm just going to raise this question: regarding the government's plan to socially cleanse the poor through benefit/housing benefit caps, is it then a coincidence this is happening in the same year as the Olympics? Could IDS have pursued such a harsh agenda (remember even Boris Johnson, of all people, called it social cleansing!) had he not been able to act within the shadow of the Olympics?


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