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Musing on the Work Programme

It's only a matter of time before I'm shuffled off to whichever lucky provider will have to put up with me. Following a link from a discussion on I read this post on the money saving expert website. Be warned, the forums over there are proliferated by right wing trolls of the most supercilious kind.
So the point of this brief post is to ask: if these providers are only getting paid, per client, after said client secures and sustains such a period of work (though I'm not 100% sure it's as long as two years), what is the point in putting people forward for casual crappy jobs? If these providers are committed to anything less than helping you find proper, sustained, suitable work - ie a career in the proper sense - as opposed to shuffling you off to the local cake factory for zero hours (hello A4E!) then they aren't acting smart. How many people are going to remain there for 2 years?
Of course then they end up making a fresh claim for JSA (if t…

Jobsearch 2

Let's go into two of the jobs mentioned in the last entry in more detail:
The first is an assistant manager running a charity shop. It's three days a week, which amounts to 21 hours a week at just over £6 an hour. That's not really a particularly great wage, nor does it amount to a sum of money that one can reasonably live on long term. It's also not a job I want. I don't feel capable of dealing with these responsibilities; nor do I aspire to them. I don't want a career in retail nor retail management. I might concede if it was my own business and thus something I was interested in. But while I've absolutely no problem with charity shops (even though there are a ton of them surrounding the shop in question) at all and fully support voluntary work, this is not what I want to do. How the hell can I do this? Yet the JC decided that 21 hours a week was within my coping capability, but I cannot apply for this job. I guess that means I'm a lazy scrounger: that…

Jobsearch Fun

Signing session...I've lost count; the days blur into one now. It was my second time with the advisor assigned at the 13 week period. Another waste of time. The JC+ approach, mechanism and system is just too flawed.
The interview proceeds after I turn up ten minutes late. Fortunately my JC isn't staffed with people that want to stop your benefits for a week because of such things, especially when they are caused by bus timetables.
The formality of signing done the inevitable search on the system begins. This is just ridiculous: it says right there on my search record that I use JC+ website every day. I do it every morning; it's pretty easy to do especially as half the time it comes up with nothing. What is the point of asking me to look again? Either accept that I have done this, or don't ask me to keep a record! One one hand they want you to develop self confidence to apply and procure work, but on the other they are quite happy to enforce a policy of complete mistrust…

Stitchensed Up

You know what, I'm pretty bloody incensed by this. (And I also posted this in the comments section.)
I'm not a professional journalist. I'm just an ordinary person that doesn't get to exercise his prejudices in public. I don't get invited on to 5Live every other morning, I don't get to broadcast my two penneth in print and on tv shows such as Question Time, or the various incarnations of BBC'ssunday morning sub-religious discussion show. This is about as big a platform as I'm ever going to get. I am sick to the bloody back teeth of having the airwaves and the discussion fora hijacked by shrieking and frightened little men like you Mr Hitchens. You are in the minority, no matter how many other fantasists you can conjure up to agree with you, no matter how many of them may turn out to have some level of professional qualification. You are NOT a scientist. You are NOT an expert in drugs, addiction and certainly not in something as harmless as …

Daily Fail

I'm not referring to everyone's favourite fish and chip wrapper (the Daily Mail), but this that I have just found on Youtube. I post because the article comes from the BBC (Points West, the local news programme I get as I live near Bristol) and is, as far as I can tell, genuine. I'm going to come back to this entry when I've had time to digest this, but daily signing is the most fucking ridiculous bollocks to have come from the DWP in a while now (and coming from the DWP it's in good company). I can only assume that claimants get their money refunded for non signing days, as they do (or at least used to) for weekly signing. On £65 a week daily signing can be one hell of an expense - and for what? How on earth, how on earth, can this ever benefit people? Again the assumption that without this daily kick up the arse people will languish in their hashish pits till teatime; their lives lit by the glow of Jeremy Cathode Ray Tube Kyle. It won't make more jobs appear …
Had my 13 week review today; a month later, delayed due to bus timetable related ignorance. To be fair the appointment went as well as it could have, I suppose. I give the JC their due in that regard. They are more understanding of the problems due to anxiety i feel than even my GP whose letter, written to tell them about all this, was a complete joke and totally misread everything I had quite clearly told him. Even so, it can't be healthy to feel as stressed as I did anticipating this interview; en route my legs felt so unsteady they almost didn't exist. I'm not sure how I manged to walk there. I imagine this is how an air hockey puck must feel.
This is the sort of problem I tried to tell the GP upon my last appointment; how stressful dealing with JSA is and how fraught the system is when you aren't even guaranteed to get your money from one fortnight to the next. He didn't understand, or even listen as his letter, received by the JC (they showed me today though I …