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Appointment with Fear!

So after being inexplicably referred for what is termed an 'intervention' (though I gather all signing appointments anyway are considered such) and waiting extremely nervously for two weeks I get to attend said 'intervention', in place of my normal signing time. This all started because last time the, rather petulant, adviser decided that, because the jobs he called up on his screen were beyond my experience, I needed this intervention. Although it seemed beyond his ability to explain this rather than resort to passive aggressive behaviour, after ignoring tht I'd presented him with a jobsearch in full compliance with my JSAg.

The JCP do not work well when you 'buck' (as they would doubtless see it) their way of doing things. Conversely if you accede to those processes you can, like wuwei, do well - or at least better. Anywho the appointment was relatively painless, mainly for that reason. As a happy coincidence my next signing time coincides with the royal a…

Daytime TV

Hands up who hates Jeremy Kyle!

A sea of hands appears from the masses.

Yes this man, as we all know, and has been discussed ad infitum, is a seething mass of contradiction and bile. A truly appalling hate monkey.

What interests me is the hypocrisy of it all. His show is deeply cynical as it's marketed toward those that he, on an individual basis, uses as targets for his particularly loathsome brand of friendly fire.

What separates the audience (at home and in the studio) from the 'guest' (a hell of a euphemism)? Aren't they the same people? Who stands up in the audience to add to the chorus of studio disapproval if not the same people that appear to receive Mr Kyle's (and his Punch and Judy therapist colleague) help?

It seems to me that the audience of this show are being conditioned to sublimate their own self loathing at a specific target, so as to feel better about their own lives. After all these people have time to watch daytime TV! Here's Dave who regularly c…

I Have No Words

There is little I can add to the revulsion most decent human beings (where they can be found in these increasingly intolerant times) will feel at this.

How have we come to this?

How does taking someone's ONLY source of income away for 6 months help them do anything but sink into a spiral and fall into the event horizon of criminality? What sense does this make?

Is it even saving money?

People in such dire straits will have to turn to the increasingly beleagured CAB for help. Do our DWP overlords not think that will cost the public purse as well? Of course it will.

However even their support is being financially curtailed by the Coalition that abused the democratic process last May. A government without a mandate steals the election and deprives the country.

Pushing people ever closer to criminality helps the country how exactly?

Jobsearch - Read It!

My second signing appointment today, and my first 'difficult' adviser. I say difficult, there was a hint of an attitude. I'm presenting my jobsearch which he decides to pore over in exquisite detail before signing off as (presumably) acceptable. Next an examination of ALL the jobsearch websites I use (which are listed on the jobsearch I've provided). He whips out his Jobcentre Approved List of Jobsearch Websites and asks me to point to EVERY jobsite on that list I've used. I remind him that it's written on the jobsearch UI've provided that he then decides he couldn't read. Well my handwriting is a little flowery, but I'm not offended if you can't read it; just ask me to clarify anything that's unclear. Nope, I get a politely veiled dig at my writing in that 'i'm nervously but arrogantly chuckling as I say this so it's polite' kind of way.
What's the point of going through my jobsearch if you aren't going to pay any att…