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Between Two Worlds

Last Wednesday I had a meeting with the asperger’s diagnosis person for them to clarify their ‘inconclusive’ diagnosis; meanwhile I wait for their report in writing.
As expected this meeting didn’t really help – they aren’t going to change their position even though ‘inconclusive’ surely must default to ‘conclusive’ if any of this is going to matter. In other words, why don’t you err on the side of caution? Why wouldn’t you give the patient the benefit of the doubt? Otherwise why not admit that it is conclusive: conclusively negative? At least be honest.
The reason they give is down to a lack of developmental history to cross reference. I don’t know if this is simply the way the testing process is structured, for right or wrong, and therefore out of the clinician’s hand. My feeling, if I’m honest, is that, if someone has the ‘symptoms’ (words are poor substitutes here, I am not an expert in any of this) then what does their history matter, and if it’s not one condition in particular,…

CWP Provider Guidance

You know, I instigated this blog with the notion of being a smart investigative type, even though there are a ton more and better blogs doing just that. Unfortunately I always end up doing something else. I record some ideas on the Dictaphone app on my ancient mp3 player and then forget about it, and, given so many issues come up almost daily, I lose track.
Well that’s my excuse anyway. Clearly I’m not as smart as I thought I was. I’m also trying to work on my own ideas – ideas I need to spend time on since I’ve told the DWP that’s what I spend my time doing. Inevitably they will want to see results at some point (as if I’ll ever share my writing with them).
However it just keeps getting worse with the DWP. A few weeks ago the Community Placement (i.e. workfare for the post Work Programme generation) provider (i.e. the same people that run your WP placement get another crack at the public purse) guidance (i.e. the DWP are telling them how). This information can be found online, but I…

Immigration and Crime

The hypocrisy of the British media on immigration.
Today’s Mail has another incarnation of the perennial “we can’t evict foreign criminals because of political correctness” nonsense. A Ghanaian woman is using what the Mail probably inaccurately describes as the Family Life defence (aka the pussy cat defence).
But if she committed the crime in this country, shouldn’t she be prosecuted and punished here; regardless of the place of her birth? If not then what law has she broken? Only the law of the land matters here, doesn’t it (including laws we sign up to)? So therefore why are we considering deportation? Wouldn’t it be even harsher to incarcerate her as a stranger to this country, if that’s what she is, thereby appealing to the Daily Mail ‘hang them and flog them’ crowd?
If she is deported we have no control over her fate with no guarantee she will get punished at all. Isn’t this what happened when the Libyan convicted of the Lockerbie bombing was released. Even though the grounds …


Five months ago the assessment process began, ostensibly to determine if I have aspergers. I don’t really understand the processes involved or even if the assumption of aspergers is accurate. This past week I was finally informed by the clinicians (if that’s the right word) of the outcome.
The tests and interviews performed over the course of 3 appointments did not give them sufficient information to say one way or the other. I am told this is because of a lack of childhood or lifelong data with which to correlate. I personally think this is bullshit; if someone has a condition in the here and now I simply do not understand what relevance past history has. If that history cannot be provided, as an adult, then this outcome is inevitable. I guess this is how the diagnostic process works; clearly it is dependent on that information even if the signs, in the here and now, are present.
Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about this. they aren’t going to change t…