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Five months ago the assessment process began, ostensibly to determine if I have aspergers. I don’t really understand the processes involved or even if the assumption of aspergers is accurate. This past week I was finally informed by the clinicians (if that’s the right word) of the outcome.


The tests and interviews performed over the course of 3 appointments did not give them sufficient information to say one way or the other. I am told this is because of a lack of childhood or lifelong data with which to correlate. I personally think this is bullshit; if someone has a condition in the here and now I simply do not understand what relevance past history has. If that history cannot be provided, as an adult, then this outcome is inevitable. I guess this is how the diagnostic process works; clearly it is dependent on that information even if the signs, in the here and now, are present.

Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about this. they aren’t going to change their minds just because life is difficult or because having to, inevitably, deal with the DWP or even sign on, as sooner or later I will have to, requires a conclusive clear label.

Here is the problem: there is no such thing as an inconclusive outcome. What that will mean to everyone else (i.e. the DWP) is ‘there are no problems’. That’s the reality of the present paradigm and that’s why getting a diagnosis is so important. Unfortunately getting that diagnosis is a real effort, mainly because there is very obviously a desire not to see people as having problems. Maybe this is a political correctness thing, that, as with most PC issues, comes from a good place – the desire not to write folk off – but in practice it leaves people vulnerable. For example, if one cannot persuade the likes of ATOS of the existence of these problems then one has a difficult time persuading an already denial-led DWP of the difficulties you have. Even then there remains the question of what help can be offered. That would have been the next step.

So, at some point, I will have to go back to ATOS. As far as I’m aware the reassessment process is still currently on hold. Even if that’s true I cannot assume it’s indefinite. This means that I will have to hope the inconclusive report, which they will send me, will have enough to tick the boxes necessary. But without a concrete diagnosis (and never mind that the DWP has no help for people that have these kinds of difficulties) there isn’t much hope of being treated appropriately, as I feel I (and indeed everyone) ought to be. Consequently I’ll be lumped in with everyone because that’s the prevailing attitude: that’s how the government thinks it’s helping people. Dismiss their problems with the stroke of a pen or a subtle change in the parameters, and people are no longer sick, disabled or otherwise troubled.

I do not understand how that is meant to help me. Diagnosis or not the issues I have persist. They aren’t going to be wished away to suit a right wing pro-business zero hour piss poor wages agenda.


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