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No Vote

Second time's the charm?
It looks like we'll be back in the middle east before long. Cameron wanted us in there a couple of years ago, to fight alongside the rebel groups against Assad. Now he wants us in to fight against what those rebel groups became - Daesh - but also we still hate Assad, boo hiss!
This will be the death of Corbyn. I like the guy, but he's still the leader of an exploitative pro-capitalist political entity. He has born torn into by the media since before winning leadership of the party and now faces the mutinous warmongers within Labour that, along with the resentful Blairite portion, will strike hard to unseat him. If that happens Labour will be lost for generations, but they don't care because they have power as capitalists if not in government. 
I remember watching, once in the period Merely Bland was Labour leader, the state opening of Parliament. Both parties, behind their leader like kids in school assembly, filing into the house. Merely Bland…

The Arrogance of Power

There can be few instances, now, of Tory behaviour that can really come as a surprise; that can be considered shocking. However to witness Phillip Davies, the dishonourable 'gentleman' for Shipley - a place I can only conclude is run by cunts - filibuster a bill whose sole purpose was to ease the cost of parking in hospitals. 
For ninety minutes this inhuman misogynistic piece of utter shit spoke - with the sole purpose of shutting down the vote. 
This is not democracy. This is the politics of the ruling elite at its most venal; a select cabal of Tories who's sole purpose is to sabotage bills they don't like. The rules - inexplicably - do not prevent this. Private members bills have no time limit for talking and so it is quite permissible for one of these scumbags to decide that, instead of having a civilised democratic discussion, they will take the piss. In this case there was a little gang of them and, like the school bullies they no doubt were, they saw the opport…