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The Arrogance of Power

There can be few instances, now, of Tory behaviour that can really come as a surprise; that can be considered shocking. However to witness Phillip Davies, the dishonourable 'gentleman' for Shipley - a place I can only conclude is run by cunts - filibuster a bill whose sole purpose was to ease the cost of parking in hospitals. 

For ninety minutes this inhuman misogynistic piece of utter shit spoke - with the sole purpose of shutting down the vote. 

This is not democracy. This is the politics of the ruling elite at its most venal; a select cabal of Tories who's sole purpose is to sabotage bills they don't like. The rules - inexplicably - do not prevent this. Private members bills have no time limit for talking and so it is quite permissible for one of these scumbags to decide that, instead of having a civilised democratic discussion, they will take the piss. In this case there was a little gang of them and, like the school bullies they no doubt were, they saw the opportunity, and not for the first time, to stomp around and assert their assumed authority.

If this isn't enough to demonstrate how broken are democratic processes are and how exploitative and abusive its agents are, I don't know what it will take. Anyone that can defend this doesn't deserve to live in a civilised society.

Mr Davies is quite happy for the taxpayer to pay for his parking, and his expenses. He is quite happy to waste taxpayer funded Parliamentary time behaving like a petulant child (as most of them are) just to get his way. But what is worse is that he's not alone: people like him don't get to have that power by themselves. He got elected in that constituency - he has support. In fact I bet he has a lot of people who share his evidence-free spiteful politics. That's the shape of the world we live in today; it has lurched painfully to the right thanks to a drip by drop poisoning of the public consciousness thanks to the incessant whining of the media and the dog whistle politics they espouse. Whether it's the muslims, the EU, the scroungers, the foreigners (in general), the red tape, the lefties, the climate, this or that, there is always something held over the necks of the masses that they believe not only to be actual, but to be deliberately set up to trip them up and take their 'hard earned' cash.

Unlike the disgusting Mr Davies.

I would love to believe this could change, but I don't think there's much hope. Unless people rally together, for real, with genuine single minded purpose and refuse to be stopped - as they did during the Poll Tax riot - I don't think the Tories and the likes of Mr Davies have anything to fear. Jeremy Corbyn hasn't got a chance, he will succumb to that same poison as the media will not relent in their assault. Eventually they will be joined by his own party members who will be the ones most willing to stick the knife in finally.

There are plenty of Philip Davies' out there because this system and this society breeds them. They are like ticks that feed on the blood of animals; parasites bred by the system for the purpose of feeding on it. Capitalism continues to convince everyone else this is in their best interests as they are 'encouraged' to work harder while being told to blame any of the above perceived bogeymen as the reason they have to do so. But they receive no extra benefit for doing so and indeed face losing out, which in turn feeds more acrimony. The means of production are still out of their hands and the capitalists make more and gain more power off the backs of their unwitting compliance.

Just as the likes of Davies, and his scummy ilk, want.


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