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The Gathering of Evidence

I’ve struggled for things to discuss recently. Not least of all because I have had a dodgy stomach for the best part of a weak and it’s rather knocked me for six. No doubt some bug that’s doing the rounds. I don’t cope with illnesses very well, no matter if they aren’t serious. But that’s just me.
Certainly there are things I could discuss, though other blogs are better at investigation than I; you can check some of them out from the links on the right. It seems a week doesn’t go by these days without some DWP legal challenge going awry (for them or us). How Duncan Smith remains in his job I simply do not know.
I have another appointment with my (other) doctor tomorrow; yet another attempt to explain what I need. I don’t know how many times I can go back and forth with people that seem almost institutionally unwilling to grasp the reality of the situation. Not only that but they also seem to believe that government policy, directly or indirectly, cannot be counted as a reason to exp…