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Lies, Damn Lies and the Work Programme part 2

Here is an article, found on Twitter, from the Shaw Trust commenting on the first year of our beloved Work Programme. Some parts of this I do not like.
"I can best describe the Shaw Trust and its Work Programme by talking about our new office in Stafford. From that base – so new that we can smell the paint on the walls – we operate the Work Programme (a government-supported service that helps clients prepare for, find and remain in work) and Work Choice provision (the government’s specialist employment programme for disabled people)."
I can also describe the Shaw Trust: they were happy for me to self refer to them a few years ago and have me sign forms enabling their funding. But when it came to actually providing real help, particularly when I asked about making a living selling stuff on Amazon (hey, I thought it was a good idea!) they didn't want to know. In fact they did absolutely nothing. Still what do I know? Mine is but one experience.
Work Choice is just a lighter…

Lies, Damn Lies and the Work Programme part 1 (edit)

Today is signing day. My appointment was 9:55, booked for me by the adviser I saw last time without asking me if it's convenient given the bus schedule. I'm supposed to be seen by a particular adviser called Hilary at a particular time called 10am. Quibbling over five minutes isn't really a big deal although it does mean I turn up a couple of minutes late. Ironically, and typically, the JC is also running late. This is because they are routinely short staffed on Fridays and don't seem to have much interest in rectifying that - as a Jobcentre! Quite why my appointment was set at 10am when they knew full well they have to rebook it, adviser too, each time, I don't know. Their computer systems are a joke, but what's the point in arguing.
Anyway I get signed, but in the process I'm asked about the Work Programme. Stupidly, though I didn't feel I had much of a choice, I told them I hadn't been seen since April. I don't really like bullshitting anywa…

Chewing the fat

Taking a break in between rainstorms to do my shopping on a different day, I'm on the bus (when it eventually showed up) listening to the dull witted tones of Radio Bristol's cretinous weekday morning current affairs phone in. I really don't know why I do this to myself, but I like to believe that one day we'll get a sensible discussion, or at the very least a sensible caller.  Not today though. The topic comes from the news that local school teachers are feeding kids out of their own pocket because there are so many, now, that aren't getting fed properly. There are also over subscribed breakfast clubs as well. But instead of a sensible objective discussion we get the usual right wing cliches propagated at the very least tacitly by a moron presenter. It seems as though the only people that ever get through are just right wing curtain twitchers in their later years who hark to a golden day that never truly existed outside of the populist press. One cretin even sugg…

Where is the change?

What is happening? Over the weekend I've been overloaded with negativity from the press. I feel punch drunk. Last year the Occupy movement was beginning to blossom. This year it's all but gutted. Where is the change? All the seems to exist are fringe activists who either bicker amongst themselves or believe rabid conspiracy/racist (ie anti semitic) rubbish? I've watched a bevy of youtube clips of people who claim to be free men on the land; people that think the law doesn't apply to them when it comes to driving without proper registration or insurance. People that have no idea of the law who often end up in the nick or espousing other rabid conspiraloon views, like 911 was an inside job. I don't want anything to do with crazy views, yet who else is providing an alternative, something - anything? I want truth, I want honesty. I can't function without it.
It began with the news that the government is going to be introducing a mandatory 35 hour a week jobsearch r…


This is a story I came across a couple of days ago, though it's dated from last month. Consequently I don't know the final outcome and hope the person concerned has gotten a proper resolution. It's an interesting insight into the nature of the sanction regime. 
What seems to have happened is that Mrs Wilkes, in falling foul of the increasingly ubiquitous jobsworthian mentality at the DWP (I guess it's easier for these people to sleep at night this way), has been sanctioned by default. 
Firstly her claim is called into question for no good reason, but the adviser is apparently allowed to just 'question' it as they see fit. Querying this only makes their opinion harden and so the 'doubt' is sent behind the scenes upstairs to a decision maker. Yet in the meantime her benefit is stopped. I have long suspected, having been told this by the DWP years ago, that this is now normal practise: guilt is presumed and, before even a decision can be made officially, t…


I hope I'm not the first to post this, but who cares. This is fucking glorious!

Payback's a bitch Kelvin, enjoy!

Better Than That

Last week the people of Walthamstow, somewhere i've never been, stood against the knuckle draggers of the EDL. They made a stand against fascism and in particular the confused, media manipulated, ideology of a group of idiots and thugs who lack not just the intelligence buyt more importantly the will to stand up and think for themselves. Unfortunately this happened.
Understand this: I have no sympathy for the EDL and their shady leader 'tommy robinson' (which isn't his real name either, it's Stephen Yaxley Lennon). I am not going to waste my breath excoriating his ignorance and the antics of those that idolise this clown. Their actions are worthy of the same criticism as the moron that threw a brick that could have killed someone. There is no excuse for this. 
Of course I must caveat that by saying I do not know who threw that brick; I am open to believing it could have come from someone that had nothing to do with the UAF, it could have come from a Muslim just as…