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My MP and the Foodbank Debacle

Just before Christmas Parliament disgraced itself in a new low. It was supposed to be a serious discussion; the issue of foodbank use was the subject. Instead it proved to be a bear pit of braying, sneering and self aggrandising grandstanding. At the top of this pyre sat the appalling Employment Minister, Esther McVey, whose perfoermance, as an understudy of darkness, seemed to evoke an almost childlike misconception of theatrics trading propaganda and lies for honesty and hollow flamboyance for substance. It was as if she was auditioning; indeed her master, the Dark Lord of the Smith, was present - briefly. We've all seen the image of him skulking off to the bemusement of even the Speaker. Perhaps he needed to empty his internal colostomy bag of hate. No human can bear that much bile for long I would think.
Afterwards I sent an email to John Penrose, a not particularly well known tourism minister who looks a bit like a straggle Alexander Armstrong (not really relevant, but the l…

I've Done It!

The letter came through on Friday. I don't think I've ever shaken so much opening a letter. Apropos of nothing the envelope was not brown. 
I am in the Work Related Activity Group with a recommendation that I not be tested for six months.
I wanted to be in the WRAG so hopefully this won't be a case of 'be careful what you wish for' as I am due a phone call from my new adviser at the Salvation Army (all change without my consent of course) on the 8th. Regardless, this is the only honest outcome: I have tried to be fair and open about my situation. I am averse to bullshit - and why should I have to lie? 
I don't know what the future holds, this system and this government is doing it's damnedest to destroy lives and wreak havoc; IDS has said he wants rid of the WRAG as well, for example. But for now there is some security and some hope that, with the independence of these tribunals, some justice might come for people.
Unfortunately as of last October that pro…

Tribunal and Decision Pending

On Monday I attended a magistrates court, passed through a metal detector (for the first time), and had an ESA tribunal hearing. I am waiting for them to write me with the outcome. I guess it is the judge’s prerogative to deliberate and not make a decision there and then.
The tribunal is formal and yet informal – a judge and a doctor, not connected to the DWP (they were keen to make that clear), did their best to put me at ease, while seeking to hear the case professionally. At least I hope so; I have no idea what their personal feelings might be. Consequently it was impossible to gauge whether or not I might get a favourable outcome from their demeanour or conduct.
For the past three weeks, since receiving a date, I have been extremely on edge. Over the last week and particularly this past weekend that edge became increasingly sharp. Prior to receiving the date, and since the appeal was submitted (with the help of the CAB which I hope proves effective) in August, I have been dreadi…