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The State of Greed

The arrogance of politicians goes on.
Is this ever going to change? Both sides of the house are at it if Channel 4 are to be believed and the camera, as they say, never lies.
Some people say this is about their pay implying that they don't get enough. I don't actually care what they get paid, but it's relative. They have no right to complain when they vote for pay rises that are ten times what they begrudgingly offer people in jobs like nursing. What is it that has bred this culture; this notion that being a politician, which should be an honourable role, isn't enough or that it's a means to a lucrative end?
Serving the community and society should be a privilege. But in this country it seems that it has ever been the sole refuge of the privileged. We have career politicians who place themselves in line for a peerage so they can see out their time in the Lords, unaccountable and unelected. They claim that being a Member of Parliament demands a lot of their time, w…

Business As Usual

I couldn't sleep (as usual - at least late night radio is somewhat interesting) and on the radio was Labour's latest proposal: double the duration for paid paternity leave to 4 weeks. Innocuous enough, you might think, but of course the voice of Big Business would not be silent. The BBC (for it was they) were ready with a quote from tedious toad faced free market apologist Mark Littlewood (he's another non entity from another capitalist think tank). His cry of wolf was that the cost would have to be passed on to someone somewhere, either cutting the workforce or dumping on to the consumer. This is despite Labour qualifying the idea explaining that it is paid centrally, from government.
Well so fucking what? Going along with Capital's straw man, as set out by Littlewood, if your profit has to take a hit in order to meet the needs of a human being in your employ: so what? It's an extra two weeks, this is not gonig to be something that happens 365 days a year for all…

Explaining Problems

I spoke to the Clinician again, complete waste of time of course. She's not going to change her mind and I can't say I'm surprised. So either I speak to the Patient Advisory Liaison Service which will be no more effective in persuading her to change her mind, but it's what she's duty bound to recommend, or I go back to the GP and ask for a second test. 
How that will happen I don't know. She is a member of the only local service (other than private services that of course won't be cheap - nor anything close) and previously said that a second opinion was out of the question because she had discussed it with her colleagues and they'd all decided. Naturally.
So I will have to go back to the GP, which I will be doing in two weeks. I'm not remotely confident, they don't understand these issues at all. The fundamental problem with these sorts of issues (let's call them mental health problems, it's so much easier) is that they are very persona…