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Every Little Helps!

Tescos have finished building their highly unpopular new Express store in my little corner of paradise. There has been long standing opposition to the project since it was first mooted. At that time the actual owner was unknown (ie kept quiet). No one wants a Tescos here, not even me, certainly not the local traders who have been vociferous in their complaints regarding the whole thing. I don't know what impact it will have and to be honest while I don't want anyone to lose their business I'm not a big fan of the local shops because my JSA can't afford what they stock. It's a lose-lose situation. I'd much rather be able to afford nice freshly baked bread than Tesco's much any day of the week. But the store is built and it opens next month.
And I just got a call from the Jobcentre informing me they are recruiting for part time positions. I was compelled to agree to this. I said I'd take a look, but I've got no say in the matter. That's great. Now…

Signing On (19/8)

My appointment with my adviser (assigned at the 3 month period for what would seem the rest of time) was for 10 past 10 in the am today. I turn up 5 minutes earlier and declare my arrival at the front desk only to find almost 15 minutes later that my appointment isn't with the adviser at all. At this point I'm about 20 minutes away from my bus which, if i miss, means i have to wander around town for 3 hours - and there's nothing to do in town, believe me. Unless you like charity shops (I don't dislike them at all, but that's all there are).
The desk wallah informs me quite matter of factly that I don't have an appointment as I had assumed, despite me producing the appointment card that I show her. A regular signing is performed instead. I find all this very confusing. Would it have been too difficult to just inform me of this in the first place - or at the time the appointment was made (4 weeks ago).
I can't help worrying this is the precursor to my finally…

Zero Hour

Seems a good metaphor for the current, post riot, state of our nation, though that's not what I'm going to discuss. I have made various comments on the Guardian comments pages over the past week. I even considered a diatribe on here, but the whole thing has made me very depressed. In fact this last week has exacerbated my anxiety to new levels. I had two episodes of hypoglycaemic stress last week (where I feel like I'm going to faint and have to eat, it's made worse by anxiety - or perhaps vice versa). How the hell I'd function in a strict workplace environemtn I don't know. I'm not sure I really want to either. Post riot, Britain seems to have forgotten the rule of law overnight and entered a whole era of fascism where liberal=scum (even more so). I don't condone violence at all. I condone political opportunism and ignorance even less.
Zero hour contracts are something I've heard about a lot. Benefit Busters focused on some kids at the A4E gulag fo…

Self vs Society

Still waiting to see when I can get a diagnosis for Aspergers (or not, I can't be sure of course). I think it's important to note that I might not get found to have that condition, though if I don't I believe that I have something like it. What does that mean? I don't know. In the immortal words of that great philosopher, Popeye, I am what I am. Unfortunate society is what it is. for most people the two can coexist well enough. For those of us, and I don't believe I'm the only one, cursed with a certain outlook, a perception that just happens to see what's really going on perhaps, we find the two don't mix.
Unfortunately that just comes across as arrogant. It's not. It's a fact of life. When I search for jobs, as I do every morning on the hopelessly inept JC+ site, I find that looking at some of these vacancies (when I find one that is listed correctly, or that I've been able to google properly) is like staring into the sun. No matter what, I…