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Every Little Helps!

Tescos have finished building their highly unpopular new Express store in my little corner of paradise. There has been long standing opposition to the project since it was first mooted. At that time the actual owner was unknown (ie kept quiet). No one wants a Tescos here, not even me, certainly not the local traders who have been vociferous in their complaints regarding the whole thing. I don't know what impact it will have and to be honest while I don't want anyone to lose their business I'm not a big fan of the local shops because my JSA can't afford what they stock. It's a lose-lose situation. I'd much rather be able to afford nice freshly baked bread than Tesco's much any day of the week. But the store is built and it opens next month.
And I just got a call from the Jobcentre informing me they are recruiting for part time positions. I was compelled to agree to this. I said I'd take a look, but I've got no say in the matter. That's great. Now I'm going to be complicit in the potential fatal erosion of the existing community infrastructure. As I say I don't know how likely that is, but the people that do seem pretty sure the future isn't certain - and we all know Tescos don't play fair.
I have to apply to work in the most unpopular place where I live.
On top of that it will be a haven for the grotty little kids and teenagers that get drunk down the local kids play area and leave their refuse for someone else to clear up. These are the people that have made my life hell for the past 6 years for no good reason. So dealing with that is going to be an added bonus if I get employed by this company.
I feel as though I have no say in my own future. The jobcentre don't ruing up to discuss what I would like to do and how they can help with that. No, nothing like that happens. Instead I have to be grateful that a bastion of capitalism like mighty Tescos have deigned to offer me a crumb from their banquet table. But at what cost?
As an insight into the Tesco recruitment process; it took three phonecalls around their various departments to get to the people (another Express) dealing with the vacancy. Even they couldn't tell me anything more than 'it's part time, and it's down to the manager to assign your hours' which could be...? Reticent would be the word I'd use. Unfortunately (for me) I find all this very very difficult to deal with (an Aspergers trait?). I don't like not knowing where I stand and not being able to decide how to proceed, and I definitely don't like the JC ringin me up, out of the blue, to tell me about some crummy vacancy in a shop I have no interest working in and having to plaster a smile on my face and doff my cap like a Victorian pauper.


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