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The Small Benefits Row

It was not big. In fact having watched the on demand version (I don't have Channel 5 on my telly, by choice) I think it has been subsequently edited. It was awful; a poorly run affair with nothing to offer beyond deliberate provocation on the part of Edwina Wannabe (aka Katie Hopkins) and Edwina Currie.
Even the intro spiel is nothing more than polarising language: is it great or is it terrible? Are they all deserving or are they all undeserving. Particularly "are they dragging the country down"? Well that can't be true because how else do you explain the success of people like Currie or even Hopkins (she would say she was successful, her business record says otherwise). 
That's the psychopathy of the benefit haters; they are all the exception. They will say "well if everyone grafted like me they'd all be successful", but capitalism doesn't want that, nor could it sustain it. Success = shagged a married man while both in government, bra…

Flooded With Ignorance

First things first, David Cameron says money will be no object in the battle against the elements. Clearly money is no object when buying votes little over a year from a crucial general election. Some businesses are underwater; a florist on the radio was already writing off her business having been hit at the most inconvenient time of the year. But isn't that too bad? Capitalism is blue in tooth and claw; if your business goes under - literally - why should the rest of us bail you out? That's the worldview espoused by the people in power. That's their message to everyone else: if you fall on hard times then, by our deeds if not our honey coated words, then it's your own failings that you can't provide for yourself. Michael Gove dismisses foodbanks by saying it's the individuals that can't budget properly who use them, for example. But when it comes to business, money is no object even if it comes from those that despise the concept of a nanny state. 
We sh…

Echo Chamber

Summer's almost here!
Which means Spring is almost here!
Oh well. It's February and despite the hurricanes and relentless monsoons that can only rationally be explained away by climate change I like the think that we're almost through Winter, even though by and large it's not been as cold as I'd feared (just monstrously wet). There's a point, when the day is at its shortest, where the trees on the far side of the horizon, as I look outside, obscure the sun as it sets so early. The sun has returned past that point and is heading for a a small bank of very tall trees about half way to the mid point (which would be the equinox). It usually hits that point mid February and is a sure sign that the days are gaining strength. 
It's things like that, bizarre as they may seem, that keep me going. It's how I view the world. But that isn't what I'm going to be talking about. I've been somewhat lax in my musings recently. There was the recent Benefit S…