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The Battle

What is mental health?

Perhaps it's best defined by what does it mean to lack mental health. This will be different for everyone, but I suspect there are some common elements, one of which is the feeling that you can't ever really relax or 'let go' because it means being vulnerable and open to inevitable stresses. These can come in waves, like a periodical kick in the gut; a gnawing feeling of bereavement. The death of peace of mind.

This is before we factor in society, which is something I think medical professionals ignore. This cannot be ignored. This includes a lack of any kind of therapeutic community or holistic attitudes toward wellness. It includes the notion that work is the grand panacea (for everything) - without discussing the work itself and the conditions thereof. It also includes the bootstrap, "pull yourself together" mentality that denies people the opportunity to understand what is happening and drives them forward with no thought for the co…

Anarchism 1

What is the way forward?
Since the riots of 2011 - such as they were - the government has made sure that people are afraid of standing up and fighting back. But that is what it will take.
I do not condone burning down other people's houses and belongings, that's just divide and rule. Working class people should not be fighting each other. 
Unfortunately it seems increasingly clear that we have a government that wants to do nothing more than assault ordinary people, laughing like the cruellest bully as it gets away with this in plain sight. People stand back while the poorest are kicked and punched by a vicious bully that revels in the spotlight as it does so, daring itself to go even harder knowing that we, apparently, lack the spine to do anything. 
On the fringes of our society, people are falling apart. Mental health problems born of pressure split families, increasing workloads and social stresses and isolation induce those problems into a nightmare feedback loop. Yet the…

End of the Line?

I think I have reached the limit of what our system and indeed our society can offer. Speaking with a CMHT nurse yielded nothing; they are only prepared to get involved if you are about to throw yourself under a bus - or someone else. The GP just doesn't get it at all; it's one step forward and two steps back. One time they seem to understand, the next they do not and it's as if you were talking to someone else entirely. All she can recommend it seems is the same old groups and organisations, completely ignoring the fact that these people do not offer what she thinks they do or that I have dealt with them before.

Clearly GP's and the like are given a sales pitch from these people as to how they can help, when in reality that's not what they actually do. But what can you expect from those that align themselves with corporate filth like ATOS?

I have been told to go back and speak to the likes of Friend, a drop in centre largely run by volunteers (with all their fault…