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(From this article on the Guardian website; these are my responses which I also posted on their comments page)
Responsibility. How I hate that word. It's as worthless as the word hero. It's bandied about all the time and used as a way to dismiss opinion and avoid discussion. People are expected to take responsibility for their lives, we are told in some sub-seklf help claptrap fashion. How can people not take responsibility for their lives - they are living them!
What they mean is that people should shut up and get any old job that pays money to George Osbourne so our 'responsible' government of crooks and liars can continue to exploit us.
We need to do away with the loaded language of our times, speak plainly and start building a better future away from this kind of exploitation.
I'm out of work, so therefore I'm irresponsible - especially so if I refuse to take any old job advertised in the jobcentre, no matter how unsuitable, or how miserable it make…

Signing On

Today was the first time I signed on properly (i have claimed prior).

Got to the reception where I had to hand over my signing booklet to someone that proceeded to give it to one of the signing on advisers. That seemed to be his entire role in the building; concierge to the unemployed. His duties also included telling people to use the job points while they are made to wait.
As part of my agreement i look on the JC website every day, there's nothing their job points can provide, they use the same source. They also don't work properly. Touch screens that are unresponsive coupled with a useless database and location search make them a complete chore. This is coupled with the already crap information jobcentre adverts provide.
When I sit down to sign the adviser doesn't consult my jobsearch or look at my CV, both of which I was told to bring. What's the point then? If i have to engage in these redundant activities, at least check. However I really obkect to havng to show m…

Fuelled by the Daily Fail

I've often wondered how Daily Mail readers function; programmed as they are with such contradictions, as satirised by the brilliant Daily Mail Island.

In Star Trek, ships are powered at warp speed by the collision of matter and antimatter.

In the mind of the Daily Mail reader, it's the collision of matter and doesn't matter that provides energy that keeps them going. Otherwise they'd simply fall down, or start shooting people with guns.

The Work Ethic

What a load of bullshit.

We are put on this earth (by shapeshifting lizards, obviously) for our allotted time, during which no one else is going to live our lives for us. So if I have to participate in the great capitalist charade, under the thumb of hypocrits, then at least give me the choice to do something intrinsically good and meaningful with my time.

Call centres don't count.

What is this bollocks about a work ethic - especially when perpetuated by the robber barons that are the greatest spongers in our society. To have moneyed politicians, members of a shady and privileged aristocracy and corporate fraudsters tell me I have to be a good citizen and 'do my bit', or, 'pay my way', or, 'work hard' I think they can fuck off. Especially when they pay themselves nice fat bonuses for running failed banks!

Nothing changes in Britain; the Sheriff of Nottingham never left office.

These people would like to tell you that work is good for the soul; the panacea to al…

The Scounger's Contract

Also known as the Jobseeker's Agreement, the beating heart of the unemployment system. These are the rules the Jobcentre sets out that must be fulfilled, each fortnight (at first), in order to procure what the CAB calls a 'subsistence income'. In return for doing what you don't have any say in, the state gives you £65 a week.

And you don't have any say in it. It's not an agreement in any ethical sense of the word, unless you consider the choice to go without £65 a week a viable one. I didn't have any say in mine and having looked at it, I wish I did. I'm sure you could try and argue the point but I'm guessing that would be more trouble than it's worth, and I think there are certain requirements that are beyond negotiation.

The problem with the jobcentre is that it's their way or the highway. There is no agreement, no discussion nor any freedom to manuouvre. THey don't, indeed they can't, care. They aren't there to help you find w…

Signing On

Yesterday I made a new claim for JSA, after my ESA ran out in January. Despite being told I should claim immediately, I couldn't cope with going on JSA straight away. Turns out that wasn't an option anyway; the JC website says you must wait at least 1 calendar month. Good job the decision, which came completely out the blue, to terminate my claim (tribunal, I failed the WCA of course) left me with at least a few quid to live on. Not that this woeful welfare system gives a damn.

So today I had my interview at the jobcentre wherein the jobseeker's agreement with the claimant is finalised. Agreement is really the wrong word since it's either a choice to agree to the DWP terms or starve. Even though claimants can and do make every effort to record their 'activities' (of which there must be three per week) the JC still insist that a) you look on their 'job points' when you step into the building (don't bother) and b) that the adviser, when signing you on,…