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Signing On

Today was the first time I signed on properly (i have claimed prior).

Got to the reception where I had to hand over my signing booklet to someone that proceeded to give it to one of the signing on advisers. That seemed to be his entire role in the building; concierge to the unemployed. His duties also included telling people to use the job points while they are made to wait.
As part of my agreement i look on the JC website every day, there's nothing their job points can provide, they use the same source. They also don't work properly. Touch screens that are unresponsive coupled with a useless database and location search make them a complete chore. This is coupled with the already crap information jobcentre adverts provide.
When I sit down to sign the adviser doesn't consult my jobsearch or look at my CV, both of which I was told to bring. What's the point then? If i have to engage in these redundant activities, at least check. However I really obkect to havng to show my CV; seriously, it's a private document that only those to whom I give consent are allowed to look. There's fuck all on it, so what's the point. All it does is say i've been claiming ESA due to my inability to cope with the world. WIN!
The Jobseekers Agreement seems solely designed to foist pointless activities on the claimant under the assumption that, because the unemployed are lazy scroungers, they should be held to higher standards than anyone else. Seriously this is ridciuous: people assume that because you don't havge a job the alternative to you obviously spending your days glued to daytime tv you should ring every business, write to every business and comb the yellow pages thoroughly each day every day. Anything else is assumed to be not enough effort. This is absurd; who in paid employment operates that way.
It's a ridiculous standard and not only is it unrealistic is entirely impractical: employers don't want to be bombarded with calls and letters from the same people just because, each time they sign, the adviser tells them to do it. No wonder there's so much competition for each job. Is there not a better way of doing things?
Take a job in Tescos for instance; take two applicants one of whom wants the job muych more than the other (fuck knows why, but that's their decision). Why does the jovcentre exist on the assumption that both should be compelled to apply? Why not give the one vacancy to the one persont that wants it, then help the other do what he guenuinely wants to do likeiwse?
Because it costs money.
Anyway I signed on. In the process I checked with the adviser to make sure they had the right bank details (they did) and discoverd that the first 3 days of your claim are known as Waiting Days. More importantly you can't claim money for these days. No reason why. When i got home I rang the JSA people and found that doesn't apply to me (in spite of what the adviser said, typical) because this is a rapid reclaim from ESA which had already been subkect to waiting days. Some bollocks like that.
Another ridiculous policy from our lords and masters. All stick, no carrot.


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