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The Small Benefits Row

It was not big. In fact having watched the on demand version (I don't have Channel 5 on my telly, by choice) I think it has been subsequently edited. It was awful; a poorly run affair with nothing to offer beyond deliberate provocation on the part of Edwina Wannabe (aka Katie Hopkins) and Edwina Currie.

Even the intro spiel is nothing more than polarising language: is it great or is it terrible? Are they all deserving or are they all undeserving. Particularly "are they dragging the country down"? Well that can't be true because how else do you explain the success of people like Currie or even Hopkins (she would say she was successful, her business record says otherwise). 

That's the psychopathy of the benefit haters; they are all the exception. They will say "well if everyone grafted like me they'd all be successful", but capitalism doesn't want that, nor could it sustain it. Success = shagged a married man while both in government, bragged about it and gained some notoriety enough to sell lurid sub-erotica off the back thereof while maintaining a career as an after dinner talking head of sorts - 'after hate' mints, or in her case 'minge'.
If there's anything guaranteed to turn me off while reading erotica it's that creature.

Oh fuck, sat next to 'White' Dee is Fraser Nelson. FFS this guy is haunting my radio and tv! I wonder if i could get a restraining order. Seriously, ever where I turn, televisually speaking, he is there. He is like a public opinion poltergeist, throwing ignorance instead of plates.

The editing is disgraceful; clips of generally 'pro-benefit' people (if i may put it that way) like Owen Jones or Sonia Poulton cut in such a way that makes even them sound anti. So you'll have someone in the context of a broader point in response to the statistics regarding benefit fraud cut so that they say 'there are people scrounging', and leaving out the 'but they are less than 1% of the whole'. Already this show sets out its stall, and the wares are vile.

And the first words out of Grating Hopkin's wordhole, spoken with real venom, are "I really don't care", in respect of claimants. She is actually genuinely (a first for her) very irate! This really is the show's downfall; the audience knows she's a joke and her rage only serves to make her a laughing stock. At last the spell is broken and we can see behind the green skin of the wicked witch. She's not scary; she's a desperate individual who wants so badly to be part of the white skinned elite, but knows she will never be because no one will ever take her seriously. If they ever did.

And with that, discussion over. Is there any point me continuing watching this pissy riot (which, on the 5od website, i thought I'd never have cause to use, seems bizarrely cut)?

This must be what it's like when the Jeremy Kyle shows comes to town, setting up cameras in a pub car park in hopes of a surly brawl between aggrieved council tenants, wound up by the crew I shouldn't wonder. Hopkins is in a right old strop, right from the get go. I wonder if that's because she's starting to sense just how reviled she is and has felt provoked into coming out guns blazing. She's not winning anyone over and done nothing but throw a really cheap shot at Annabel Giles after she asked Hopkins not to jab her bony claw into her face ("I'll point where I like"!).

Now they've dragged out some kind of weird cab fare meter that is going to keep running, showing increasingly high numbers supposedly representing the cost, real time, of benefits during the show's airtime. What the hell? This is the same logic that 'Dr' Gillian McKeith used to use when she presented a year's worth of transfats to one of her TV patients in the form of a life sized Mars Bar and kebab man-construct. It's just as ridiculous.

This has not even been on fifteen minutes and it's already descended into farce.

Goodness me, she really is angry! But all she's doing is (of course) hogging the debate and presuming. "We have had enough", we, the hardworking taxpayers, blah blah blah. The sad part is that when someone tries to respond to her on her level (which may or may not be advisable) they aretold to get to the point. What this does is give her free reign to continue with her bullshit and it's never challenged. Again you can show her facts, and the programme has actually put numbers into the debate that clearly refute, quite correctly her conclusions (they aren't hers of course, she's just a mouthpiece), but you can't make the horse drink them.

Sadly, like this programme, this long winded post is filled with...Katie fucking Hopkins and that's the way she likes it. But boy is she steaming! Hilarious!

Now it's the turn of Professor Peter Stringfellow who's years long research into social deprivation and the relationship between capitalism and benefits is well known.

What's that? Oh it's the other Stringfellow; the creepy strip club flesh peddler who looks like Bucks Fizz's dad.

Oh dear.

I think even the people participating from all sides know this show is a joke.

And Hayley Taylor is in the audience telling her to shut up!

Words fail me.


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