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Jobsearch - Read It!

My second signing appointment today, and my first 'difficult' adviser. I say difficult, there was a hint of an attitude. I'm presenting my jobsearch which he decides to pore over in exquisite detail before signing off as (presumably) acceptable. Next an examination of ALL the jobsearch websites I use (which are listed on the jobsearch I've provided). He whips out his Jobcentre Approved List of Jobsearch Websites and asks me to point to EVERY jobsite on that list I've used. I remind him that it's written on the jobsearch UI've provided that he then decides he couldn't read. Well my handwriting is a little flowery, but I'm not offended if you can't read it; just ask me to clarify anything that's unclear. Nope, I get a politely veiled dig at my writing in that 'i'm nervously but arrogantly chuckling as I say this so it's polite' kind of way.
What's the point of going through my jobsearch if you aren't going to pay any attention to it and then proceed to judge me on what I haven't done, even though what I have done is enough by your own rules?
Then begins a rather tedious search on their system for a job. I wonder if that counts toward my jobsearch as I have to go through it every time I sign on.
The process is pathetic: he calls up an arbitrary list of vacancies without any parameter other than one type of job from the triumvirate of tediousness I have to choose as part of my jobseekers agreement. Among these are included jobs in places that are difficult to get to (a point he ignores because it's no problem at all to rely on a confluence of multiple bus journeys in order to get to work on time during rush hour on a busy arterial route). More importantly all the jobs (except one which was so vaguely advertised we both ignored it) required experience.
Then we get to the meat of it.
I can see him start to question my three job 'areas' - my triumvirate of tediousness. This is ridiculous. I have to pick three job types as part of their rules in order to sign on. They also have to be from their approved list of categories (so Footballer, Astronaut, and Writer - which is what I'm aspiring to - are out of the question). Then when you sign on their arbitrary computer search, which is limited at best, forces them to start questioning those choices. So the end result: you are forced to pick three (no more no less, that's the magic number) and then you are criticised because of labour market conditions viewed through the tiny keyhole that is their jopbsearch. No discussion of training, skills, education, opportunity. Nothing; just an increasing level of bureaucratic frustration at the incongruity of 'you picked this as a category, but all these jobs require ex[perience you don't have - DOES NOT COMPUTE'.
This system is a complete farce. You are made to feel as if all this is your fault; labour market conditions, demands of employers, limited choice of job categories, and the DWP system's total inflexibility in helping people.
How does any of this help anyone find work?


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