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Yesterday I went to Bristol and visited the Occupy protest taking place on College Green. There is a small and hopefully growing camp of people that, rightly IMO, want a better world. I support their efforts. This isn't a grotty group of soap dodgers or scroungers and stereotypes like these are growing increasingly tiresome. I even met my old GP who has long been active in working for change. This post is to affirm my support for their efforts. This movement is for everyone because the failing system affects everyone.
I'm not entirely sure what I can do to actively help the movement (signing on and camping out isn't going to be possible). I'd like to think there's something we can all do that is practical, but I fear that really radical change is only going to come from radical action. That isn't a euphemism for violence: we can achieve our aims peacefully, as indeed we should. However I think we need concerted, nationwide (if not planet wide) civil disobedience. By that I mean downing tools, striking, resisting, and not participating in the fraud that is capitalism. We have colluded in our own downfall for too long.
However I think change is needed beyond the City and the financial sector. This is an opportunity to build a better society for all. Not just about reforming capitalism but changing it if not removing it altogether. We must consider the environmental impact (unlike reactionaries like Eric Pickles) of our actions as well as providing a progressive, compassionate and creative culture for future generations. Capitalism, it seems to me, is predicated on the idea of scarce resources and archaic notions of land ownership. These have to be challenged and changed.


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That did not go well.
My legs were wobbly to begin with as I closed in on the church that passes for the office of the employment wing of the Salvation Army. My appointment was 3 to half past. I really did feel sick. Pretty early on, when he asked for the forms he gave me last time to fill in, I knew that what was arranged on the letter (a short interview with me bringing my CV and jobsearch) was actually going to be much longer. I also knew that, come half three when I had to leave to catch my bus back ten minutes later, I was going to have problems. 
Unfortunately, though more for me I fear, it never got that far; at 20 past he terminated the interview citing my apparent 'putting up barriers' as the reason not to continue. This was because I refused consent for him to keep my CV. I asked why he needed it and offered, three times, to show it to him (that's all), he said it was to apply for jobs on my behalf. The EEC's need this information.
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Yesterday on 5 Live's laughable morning phone in - bigots drink for free - another right wing excuse for a human, James Bartholomew, revealed another aspect of their nasty prejudice and staggering ignorance. Not surprisingly this vile creature was once a banker. He writes (if one can call it that) for the Telegraph and though I don't know the content of his ballot paper, I dare say I can guess. He props up every tory myth about the unemployed and welfare with dull witted aplomb.
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I started this blog thinking I could do something useful, provide some decent citizen journalism, or at the very least offer something credible for, at the risk of stroking my own ego, posterity. But in truth I have found it very difficult to keep up with my own standards. This is true of all the writing I engage in. It isn't that I don't enjoy it, or that I don't know how (YMMV), but that I just struggle to maintain the concentration. This is part of the problem, mental health-wise, that I have tried to address in recent years; all to no avail. Unfortunately it is simply perceived as an excuse by our society. In response to that, I offer none. I am what I am, and if that means I'm lazy then lazy I must be.

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