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Jobsearch 2

Another thing I've noticed on the DWP search machine is how some jobs require you to contact the DWP for further information. Instead of providing a direct contact number for the employer, the claimant is directed to ring the DWP's own 'jobline' call centre. Why? 

I can't imagine any scenario where the DWP has to act as some kind of filter for an employer. Why hide the most pertinent information from someone presumably interested enough to wade through the sea of shit that forms this database? Why do some employers (if this is indeed the case) ask for this? Do they even ask for it at all, about 65-70% don't and are happy to be contacted directly. 

I must assume that these employers obviously feel the DWP will filter all the 'timewasters'. But that's not how the DWP operates. We all know that, as a consequence of how JSA works and the conditions for it, that people have to apply (and be seen to apply) for almost everything. Filtering simply means that you are, in their eyes, making yourself unavailable for work and causing a doubt to appear as to the validity of your claim (ie you will get sanctioned). So of course employers will get sent every Tom Dick and Harry (nude or otherwise) going. 

I'd love to know the real reasons for this, but I've long since given up ringing that wretched number. This approach was instigated about ten years ago and has always been useless. You cannot simply ring up (it's not a freephone number either, it's an 0845 call which is of course expensive on a mobile) and get the info. You have to wait in a fucking queue and then go through some bizarre security process (perhaps they've changed that, I hope so) giving all your details. I do not care to do this, but this is of course so they can track whether you've applied to it or not, even if you only want the job info without any kind of commitment.


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