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Corbyn, what is best in life...

"Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of the Tories."

Jeremy Corbyn, on the face of it, seems on course to inherit the poison chalice that is leadership of the modern labour party. I think one of two things will happen: his bid will be chewed up by the accounting process and he will fail, or he will win and find himself leading a party of traitors.

The evidence for the former is the disgraceful way the party has handled 'entryists', those people seeking to join solely to support Corbyn whom the party believes don't support it's 'aims and values'. This is patently absurd since Jeremy is a Labour MP of long standing, to argue that people are joining the party solely to support one of its members is as absurd as it sounds. If they do not believe these people are supporting the party's true values then what does that say about Jeremy? I have never seen such political dishonesty from any party - and I include the Tories. What Labour are doing to themselves is akin to punching themselves in the nuts with an iron fist, repeatedly and loudly.

The evidence for the second point comes from the comments - the shrill hysterical warnings of oblivion - portended by Labour grandees including the warmonger Tony Blair and the insidious Peter Mandelson. These spectres seem fit to continue to haunt the party, but that's what happens when you bury your dead in a troubled grave. We must either throw some sticky rice at these scumbags, or tell them they are no longer welcome. Neither will happen of course, Labour are on a direct line at unstoppable speed toward utter annihilation, and they seem hell bent on liking it. I don't think Jeremy has a chance.

So where does that leave us? It is possible that the violent dissolution of #JezWeCan will demand some release; the energy will need to go somewhere and that could well be the streets. If so I dare say I would welcome that. I'm not in favour of violence or vandalism, and I'm not condoning it (for the benefit of our friends in GCHQ...beep beep), however Labour would only have itself to blame. Should they end up picking Burnham, as I fear likely, they will fart themselves toward 2020 will all the grace of a deflated balloon spurting out it's remaining oxygen. Labour will exhale all that once made it good and die in a fit of inoffensive stupidity. They claim that Corbyn will make them unelectable despite doing the very thing they could not: attracting grassroots supporters: the very lifeblood of any party.

It beggars belief that a party would reject that in favour of an ideology that, on all evidence, cannot and does not work. They offer nothing more than a slightly lighter shade of debt and death. Austerity is a beggars bargain; if only we could peel back the "two for the price of one" sticker that has been placed over our society and see the truth. Fortunately some of us can.


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