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PCT Phone Call

In the dim and distant past my GP said she'd write to the CMHT regarding...whatever. At this point, I'm running on fumes with regard to mental health. There's not really any support and the people you speak to who claim they are there to help either lie or make claims they then deny. For example, the Aspergers clinician who diagnosed me said she'd speak to the ADD people in the same building. When I chased that up she denied she'd said that.

So this morning a "PCT liaison" rang me in respect of the aforementioned letter. Apparently the ADD people recently said (in respect of my GP contacting them herself) they couldn't diagnose me because they think I have anxiety issues severe enough to taint the diagnosis - maybe they are right.

To be honest, the liaison may well have good intentions, but what can they offer? They can't unseat this government that is ravaging social care. They can't depose the exploitative economic system and the feudal hierarchy and it's brutal system of privilege. Will they offer a seat on the same merry go round that begins and ends with the Positive Step organisation who offers a simple CBT course and then...nothing. In fact the liaison mentioned that they offer talking therapies (something I've engaged in before and found useless), I tried repeatedly to tell her - based on my own experience - they don't. They offer a service for all manner of issues, but it all ends up with the same CBT course. When I tried that it was called 'Beating the Blues' and it was no help.

They are going to ring me tomorrow to book an appointment (because apparently the diary wasn't available this morning to the person calling me - bizarre). I guess we will see where that leads, though I suspect my frustration will be difficult to conceal. I don't want to come off as aloof or disinterested, but it's hard not to be; they tell me they will help draw up an, wait for it, 'action plan'. So it's the same old bollocks by the sound of it. People like action plans they think drawing one up is doing something; it's an element of the whole objectionable world of self-help. Action plans won't effect change in the world, society or economy.


  1. You will at best be offered a tick box assessment with a robotic CPN. It will all lead to CBT in one form or another. It will be a stressful waste of time where you are blamed if it does not help, which it won't.

    What they call "talking therapies" are anything but, they are the generic name for CBT, coined to con those in distress or need.

  2. I imagine it will be another assessment with someone, probably even the same person, at the CMHT. It's already booked for the same place. At least that's what I was told, i had to ring them back since they didn't bother ringing me. I'm not surprised by any of this. the person that was meant to call me was on the phone at the time I rang so clearly they aren't organised.

    They've already mentioned Positive Step. So I know just where this will lead. I told them that Positive Step doesn't do 1 to 1 (they don't) and that all they do is the CBT. I don't know whether the person I spoke to knew this, or whether this is the sales spiel they themselves have been told. I suspect it's more the latter.

    I fully expect this to go nowhere, but I'm going to give them extremely short shrift if so. Of course that will then be relayed to the GP who will then say I'm lazy and so the merry goes round. The GP already didn't give them the full information when they contacted me so it doesn't bode well.

    There's not much else I can do.

  3. The GPs know what a shambles the system is, they add to the shambles by playing along with it. I don't think there is much else for them to do. It's rare to find anyone working in the system who is capable or willing to look for other options.

    Everything these days in CMH is about ticking the box and blaming the patient.

    If the GP calls you lazy, you could make a formal complaint. But that takes energy often better spent on staying alive.

    It's a circus of parasites.

    1. I don't disagree; i'm not expecting much from this at all.


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