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Another Damian, Another Dollar

Here we go again. Another Tory minister, another proclamation to the Daily Mail reading peanut gallery, reassuring them that it's the same approach. Don't worry, we'll make sure we continue to harass and hassle the least among us so that YOU can feel safe and secure that your 'hard earned' pennies aren't being 'wasted' on unproductive frivolities such as food and shelter for the poor and their dependants.

Never mind that everything these scumbags has tried thus far has failed spectacularly.

Never mind the vast sums thrown down the toilet of public opinion - in fact, while the press crow about money spent on foreign aid or brown skinned war orphans, there's a seemingly insatiable appetite for spending here. No limits for the public purse when it comes to chasing down the least among us.

Listen to this shit:

Damian Green will launch a consultation on disability and sickness benefits later on Monday. It will look specifically at how people qualify for sick pay and doctors’ notes, and review the controversial work capability assessments which determine whether disabled people are eligible for welfare.

Another consultation: as if one is needed. This isn't a riddle. It's not a cypher. People live in a particular economic system that requires they survive by means of selling their labour. They have no leverage in that large shark infested market, and no alternative. If that market goes belly up - so do they. If they find themselves impaired or incapacitated in trying to compete they are screwed. You don't need a consultation (at public expense of course) to realise this, you just need an open mind and eyes to see it.

Whether disabled people are eligible

That's Orwellian right there. The answer is in the comment itself: disabled people. But we now live in an age where having a disability is being whitewashed; it's Big Brother language to argue having a disability isn't enough to deem you as needy. Of course the really honest disabled people go out and work because they are good citizens so doublethink for the win.

Charities have welcomed the review of the WCA but there are some concerns that sick and disabled people could be pressured to return to work before they are ready.

'Be prepared', you're talking about humans not pheasants for the plucking!

Back to the production line, you've passed/failed the test. Never mind the quality of work available and never mind your ability to compete for it in this vast callous marketplace we've forced you into.

Green said the purpose of encouraging people to work was to improve their health as well as for the government to spend less on benefits.

Bullshit is there a connection. People are made to feel better by being welcomed into a caring community where they are encouraged and valued and can thus contribute something of worth. That doesn't happen on a zero hour contract for Mr Topshop and his ilk.

Why should spending less be a priority? It costs what it costs and that, within reason, should be what the government is prepared to pay. It's not 'their' money, it's the nation's assets. This isn't Bargain Hunt, this is about giving the citizens of this society their due as human beings and as people who have a rightful claim to that land these filth profit from.

Now if you can trim some bureaucracy then fine, no one will argue with that. But these scum won't cull their own.

“In the long run there is nothing more expensive than saying to someone, ‘Here’s a benefit you can have for the rest of your life and we will ignore you,’” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Really? How about Trident? How about the cost in terms of suicide, mental health, antisocial behaviour, criminality? How about the foreign wars?

The great mindset change I want to achieve is the acceptance that a good job is good for your health. 

We've got another zealot; another man on a mission. God spare us the believers!As I said, this isn't about helping people. If you want to do that you'll campaign against capitalism. Somehow I doubt that's going to happen.

Ministers released little detail about how sick pay and fit notes, previously known as sick notes, would be changed, but said they wanted to “support workers back into their jobs faster and for longer”. 

Meaningless. Are they going to introduce laws that affect what employers can get away with? Hell no.

Just as the Tories do nothing about rogue landlords because they themselves are landlords.

Duncan Selbie, the chief executive of Public Health England, said health, well-being and happiness were “inextricably linked to work”.

Sad to see the third sector jump all over this, lapping it up. But we all know what charities are worth these days. Just ask my new friends at the Slave Nation Army. That reminds me, it's soon going to be the season of poverty pimping. They'll be sending their charity letters out, begging for help while neglecting to tell gullible Middle Englanders and Shirefolk that those they claim to be help include those bullied by charities like - and including - the Slave Nation Army.

Equally meaningless. Who cares what he said. If what people say is enough, then let's quote David Icke who always has something interesting to say - even though it's baseless and completely out of touch with reality. Where is the evidence: that workers are not sick, well that's some handy logic isn't it. Of course health is inextricably linked to work - you have to be healthy to do the job, if you aren't well and can't work then, duh, you're out of work. So it's an easy if fallacious inference to make, that work and well-being are inextricably intertwined. But it doesn't begin to address the reality. What guarantee with the Tories have that people will be doing meaningful fulfilling and rewarding work, and not just bullied by the usual suspects into shitty jobs so that they can claim a positive (ie £££) outcome?

And remember what the Tories thought about real jobs when Cait Reilly complained about bullying from the DWP? Shelf stacking is next to godliness! Yeah right!

Nothing ever changes, and don't you forget it. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!


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