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Hell Bound for Kekistan

What is happening in the world?

It seems there has been a noticeable lurch to the right. Not just under the Tory jackboot of austerity, but in general, across the western world, for a lot longer than seven years.

It seems the systems that exist are being challenged such that what we are now seeing with the shiny whitey faces of the so called 'alt right' is the screaming voice of aggrieved privilege. These are people who think they are entitled to be the dominant group; white makes right, apparently. So that when other groups in society speak out and say "what about us?" the response isn't to address the systemic oppression and inequality they face, but to call them entitled and castigate them for daring to even speak.

We are told that multiculturalism has failed. Of course it hasn't. How many times during the day do you interact in a society that has a diverse melting pot of peoples? How often during that day do you suffer because of it? If you got cut up by another road user, was it because he's a Muslim, or was it in spite of that?

Thankfully, even despite the craziness all around, these terrorist events that happen are rare. They are perpetrated for political ends by those for whom Islam is a cultural backdrop. It is not the driving force, but a lens through which political ideology can be filtered. It is the language, not the message.

Society is changing, there is a rejection of anachronistic values: patriarchal culture is being challenged. I'm sorry if you like that culture, but you cannot demonstrate why it should be dominant. Why do we need to propagate sexist views of women as well as hold men to damaging standards that, if they fail, inform the dreadful statistics on male suicide. Why can't people accept that some don't fall into those accepted norms. I don't pretend to understand the complexities of the trans experience, I'm cis, but I can be open minded enough to identify them as the gender they choose. Doing so doesn't diminish me, this is not a slippery slope.

These alt right people are scum. They don't care about you or I. They are aggrieved children who act up because their toys are being taken away. Well guess what, it's time to grow up. Instead we have a world where trolls are paid to behave as badly as they can, to outdo each other for the approval of lonely people in video game chatrooms or guild halls. People who don't want women in 'their' safe space, but will sneer at anyone else's idea of a safe space. The whole discourse is based on mockery and ridicule. This is the social media world and it's out of control.

And it's enabling the worst amongst us. People walking through an American town assaulting residents and killing protesters. What happened wasn't an accident, these people, in their digital cockroach nests, propagate ideas of the most vile hatred and talk about a literal arms race against 'the left' - as if the ideas that challenge them are so dangerous they must be shot and run over.

Meanwhile the president laps it up. These people are his voter base. He doesn't condemn them; it takes him several days to get off his arse (or Twitter) and speak at all. When he does all he offers is false equivalence and the unwitting expression of admiration for these Nazi killers. There's no admiration from me, these people are dangerous. They must be stopped, deplatformed and resisted. We don't need to debate them, we've already had that conversation, we know their ideas and we know where they lead: death and even genocide. It's happened before, and it will happen again as our society slides into digital slumber; slipping into a realm where facts are pixelated assertions and truth is merely subjective.

This is a world where all you need is access to a decent webcam a shoddy grasp of facts and an aversion to proper research. Just record your latest dogwhistle bullshit and watch the patreon money flow in.

It makes me sick. Who wouldn't love to be paid thousands a month and all that's required in return is mouth off on social media. It's a world I simply don't recognise. I wasn't built for it and I don't understand why hate comes so easily to people.


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