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U.N. and Them

What are my thoughts on this?

It's a humanitarian crisis. Is that a phrase we should only reserve for famines in Africa or force majeure? We seem to have a blind spot to these things when they are on our own doorstep - it couldn't happen here, could it?


Seven years of the most brutal selfish and greedy governance, not to mention the least competent, has brought us to the point where the United Nations are telling the Tories they are causing a 'human catastrophe' amongst the disabled and the sick. This is not the first time, and even that doesn't include their comments on the hated and spiteful (not to mention ineffectual) Bedroom Tax.

Do the Tories persist with these policies because they actually believe they are correct or even moral?

Or is it because they have no other way to appease the media attack dogs and/or the braying Shirefolk that delight in persecuting the poor as they do torturing foxes and badgers?

Is it both?

We have a government, in a first world country that, for a time, appeared to be at the top of the world's league tables for a great many things. Now we have a country where the streets are paved with sleeping bags and broken souls.

A country where people have to do without the support they need, not just to live independently (ie work and pay taxes) but to live at all.

You might think this awful reality would galvanise those opposed to the careerist policies of the bumbling ideologues of the blue rinse brigade, but instead the reality is one of division. It is the oldest game in town: the less people have, the more they fight amongst themselves. It must be the fault of Muslims, refugees (who are all Muslims because brown skin, right?), people in wheelchairs, people on crutches, people without jobs, people with their curtains shut at the wrong time of day. Your life is shit because of them. So let's take what little they have and...wait, you're putting it straight back into your pocket!

This question was raised in the Canary by journalist Steve Topple: can the disabled community ever recover from this. That's a question none of us should have to contemplate. Are blue badges becoming the new yellow stars? When will this end? How many more have to die or lose their dignity before someone stands up and says enough?

Don't be telling me I'm invoking Godwin's Law; it always starts at a low level, and there's always people to downplay the brutality marginalising those that speak out before it's too late. We must listen to those who know, and what they are telling us is real. This is a human catastrophe.


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