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This week, runt of the royal litter and prince not-in-waiting, Harry Windsor talked to the media about his heroic efforts flying an expensive armed toy around a desperate theatre of war. The same Harry vaught cavorting around an expensive Las Vegas hotel in the buff (and presumably enjoying it), and dressing up in Nazi regalia for an equally enjoyable and probably expensive party. The same Harry, like the rest of these photogenic aristocrats, always caught in some luxurious sun trap with a nice piece of posh arm candy. Oh life is tough on the front line!

I'm not defending the media. In my view 99% of our media - the world's media, frankly - is scum. But I'm sure there are worse things than being caught in the buff and plastered on the front page of the press. Is it really fair to blame them when it's you doing that stuff in the first place? Or is it bitterness over the death of his mother - and even though chasing around people with cameras is a desperate and sad act was it not the fault of a drunk driver rather than paparazzi chasing them down like Bullitt?

There are huge question marks over the legality of our invasion, for that is what it is, of Afghanistan that no amount of football terrace or Dambusters bravado can alter. No matter how much people like to regard soldiers as heroes or say that it's not their decision as to where they go, people are still choosing to join or stay in service to this cause. This is pernicious: if you are happy to take up a gun in the service of the western military industrial complex then you must accept the consequences of that decision. Saying that you have no choice where you go frankly is a bit like saying that its ok to lose control of a speeding car. I'm sure it's not easy leaving the army, with all the military propaganda and esprit de corps, but surely people must know what they are getting themselves into.

Harry certainly does. He's not stupid; he's benefited from the best that our country can offer. The best education, the best home, lots of money and opportunity. Yet with all of that he chooses a career soaked in blood. He wants to be 'one of the lads', even though that means putting a high profile target (and propaganda tool, which is what this really is about) on the frontline. Does he think he's a hero? Does he actually want to be in a position where he has to pull a trigger and kill people, possibly innocent lives? Is this little boy delusional? It's not Call of Duty, it's a desperate battle in a desert, in a country that has a history of being unbeatable fighting a tribal ideology that feeds on ignorance and misery.

Now we have a red blooded aristocrat flying around the desert thinking he's action man. Just so he can 'serve'? Who is he serving? His mother? David Cameron? The reputation of this disastrous misadventure. Certainly not the people as most of us, those with some sense, aren't supportive of this mess. Originally the mission was to get Bin Laden, but that has changed - even though he is now dead - to facilitate regime change. Why? If 911 hadn't happened we wouldn't bat an eyelid about their awful regime. If 911 had happened elsewhere we wouldn't have followed the gun crazed yanks in.

I think this silly little prince has behaved appallingly. War is not a toy. It's not a pastime for the idle rich. Do something more productive with your life; you have way more opportunities than most of us ever will and yet you squander it on being a 'lad'. Pathetic.


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