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Return of Delboy the Tory

I am fucking incandescent.

This morning, the BBC, the biased bullshit cronies, gave this fat cunt ANOTHER half an hour of free airtime on national media. This time it was a second dance with the useless skin-hogger Nicky Campbell on his laughable radio show. Half an hour, between 9-930am, to go, almost unchallenged, with his stupid half baked crock of shit idea. Half an hour to spout more hysterical anti-welfare crap including: labour fostered a 'culture of entitlement' (a phrase that is never defined let alone challenged), and labour engineered the welfare system for votes. Repeatedly these insane comments were allowed through unchallenged. Completely fucking unchallenged.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Call after call from idiots that fall for this anti-welfare claptrap paraded on to spout more bigotry and unfounded prejudice. All of it completely unchallenged. Not once did that fucking idiot Campbell bother to correct the stream of lies spewing forth on his watch. The most odious the most wretched and the most craven nonsense like some Hate Room, some Room 101, vented by people so deluded as to be embarrassing. How the fuck is this the objective unbiased state broadcaster?

Not only that, but after the half nine news/sport James fucking Delingpole rocks up. Now who on cunting earth in the editorial team decided to give this wanker a call? How does that happen? This lunatic is about as informed as a cat with alzheimers. He doesn't know what he's talking about and CONTINUED UNCHALLENGED to spew the same 'they're all on the scrounge' bullshit. Myth after myth, lie after lie, is put forward and left to take root. Sky tv, plasma screen, fags, booze, smartphones, scratchcards, you name it - we're all spending out £71 on some combination thereof. How? Fuck knows.

All of this becomes some insane echo chamber. Moron after moron is welcomed onto national radio to do nothing but claim this is true. Noone is challenged to provide evidence. Nothing. Even when someone actually managed to get through with a sensible question (not me though, I spent 40 minutes, in between tweeting like a furious masturbating bonobo on viagra, trying to get through only to vacillate between engaged and the dial tone of mental entropy), he's ignored. Some poor sod rang up and calmly asked how he'd pay for his car, which he needs to find work. He asks rationally and reasonably and for his effort some utter twat called 'Harvey', whom Delingprick decided was the voice of reason, launched into a screed about how he should instead make his own work and stop being a scrounger.

By 10 0 Clock I was climbing the walls. I had no luck getting my tweet, "how am i to pay for a bus ticket, Mr Shelbrooke?", read out, nor getting through on the phone. I started entertaining paranoid conspiracy theories that they had my phone number on record somehow and were deliberately ignoring me. I cannot have been the only one trying to get the opportunity to broadcast some reason into this toxic media vapour, now proliferating nationally.

This guy has to be stopped. His constituents cannot surely be as batshit insane as he. Fucking hell, please tell me there are some sane people in this country left.

Of course he's not batshit. He's in league with Mastercard. He mentioned that he's currently in talks with 'card people' about how to make this work even with market traders (I'm sure they'll love not being able to take cash, which means they'll just refuse to serve cardholders altogether). So this guy is spending public money to pursue his private Tory wank fantasy. What an astute use of his time as an elected servant of the people. He also gave the game away somewhat in two other ways, I shall now bullet point:
1. He insinuated that only people in work understand stress - in response to the question that shouldn't people be entitled to a relaxing beer now and again.
2. He said the card would function like a debit card and that it would save people money in fact, as well as help them budget (because nothing helps you budget like having nothing to budget with). He thinks he's reinventing the banking system.

Of course to avoid too much opprobrium, he rules out the disabled from this scheme. So they can drink and smoke themselves, including cancer sufferers that would end up costing the state more (bloody scroungers), to death as far as he cares. But he doesn't explain how someone with a wage and claiming tax credits is going to benefit from having a card and a wage. In fact he explains nothing at all, and neither does the BBC when I left a complaint about their vile propaganda.

The 5 live switchboard number is 01613356000, ring them up and tell them what you think. Frankly this kind of churnalism; this sneering voyeurism enacted to spoilt jaded grade types aspiring to emulate the support characters on the Thick of It full of Come Dine With Ennui needs to stop. Get real you fuckers, this is people's lives you're playing with!


  1. Ahh yes, the whole propaganda machine is cranking along nicely. Do you remember an ITV programme called Central Weekend? For those who've never heard of it it was a "discussion" programme filmed in front of an audience, in which "controversial" (ie tabloid-style outrage fodder) issues were discussed. The programme often descended into a shouting match, with little in the way of real, considered debate taking place. And Nicky Campbell was one of the regular presenters. Well, this 5 Live Breakfast programme reminds me of Central Weekend, with angry, ill-informed people spouting off about things they think they are experts on.

    It is very suspicious that this sub-tabloid style of discussion is being used to talk about an issue as vital as benefit reform; I wouldn't be surprised if this whole "debate" wasn't being deliberately manipulated by the Government to generate the concensus they want.

    1. Morning radio is sadly dominated by curtain twitchers (including a lot of self professed working opeople who have foudn the time to stop what they are doing and moan). But this was beyond the pale. There has to be some rule that prevents the BBC from such obvious bias.

  2. Oh yes the 'debate' it's manipulated, but if people think they need to change the law about this people are very mistaken.

    I read through the welfare reform bill and it's associated documents last year; hundreds of pages. About 2/3 of the way through I found a section that said that the government reserve the right at any time to pay benefits onto pre payment cards, cards held in the benefit claimant's name.

    I mentioned it last year in various comments on different sites, but no one responded to it; not that it would have made any difference as it was already law: it's just the details of it how it would work that that the gov are yet to publish (remember? Problem - Reaction - Solution). No need for a debate, and, well, if there was a debate and the gov were voted against they'd invoke 'financial privilege in any case.

    No, this whole thing was stage managed from the start, that's why no one with a voice of reason can be heard with regard to it. Ironically, the gov pretending to be that voice of reason by publicly dismissing it last year, and then once the seed is planted, they get the media on-board, consequently they just have to act in response to public outcry.



    1. There's just no way a card system can work. What will happen to this clown's plans is that it will morph into something else. Something more about profiting from the unemployed not so much controlling them, though I'm sure he and his new best friends david vance and james delinprick would love that.
      With his scheme I couldn't even catch a bus to a Work Programme appointment, and they would also have to have a card machine in order to refund that cost to my card.
      Meanwhile I notice he claims expenses for a TV License, including one for his constituency office.


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