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I can’t believe how angry I get these days.

We have no voice in this society. No representation; it’s a closed shop. But beyond the predictable hatred of the ruling elite which no one can be surprised by lies the fulcrum of the problem: the media. If we can crack that, then half the battle would be won. But this is a propaganda war as much as it is anything else and the mainstream media not only ignores issues but frames discussions, using the lie of ‘balance’ against us.

It is a lie: they will invite on two people on opposite sides of the debate under the guise of balance when the truth is that one party is simply a bulwark for the status quo that the media then reinforces. This is exacerbated by the choice of speakers: it is very easy to bring on someone strong willed and opinionated by claiming they want to provoke robust discussion, and then offset them with a feeble and inept opposition voice; perhaps someone not used to speaking. For example, I saw an episode of the Alan Titchmarsh Show (the Daily Mail made flesh for god’s sake) in which the Taxpayer’s Alliance token pretty girl Emma Boon along with a right wing female journalist whose face you’d recognise but who’s name escapes me and, dismally, Kelvin MacKenzie were opposed by the hopeless token ‘leftist’ (a word I find quite condescending), Rachel Reeves. During this laughable debate about the state of the nation MacKenzie drew applause by claiming that we’d just suffered 13 years of socialism!

There was a piece in the Telegraph I have just accidentally discovered in reading about the recent murder of Stephanie Bottrill over the weekend. Stephanie, whom I have never met nor heard of until she tragically took her own life citing the government’s hateful pogrom against the poor, specifically the Bedroom Tax, as the last straw. She leaves behind children and grandchildren. This government are responsible for her death, hence my above choice of words. They have robbed a little boy of her grandmother; there is nothing else to say.

This piece, written by another right wing propagandist called Brendan O Neil, can be found here, claiming that the attitudes of the left are doing the disabled more harm than anything this government have done. This is a notion so offensive that it beggars all belief. Surely now all bets are off and it’s open season. How can we continue to allow people like this to draw a wage from the misery of others and from spreading lies and misinformation?

In fact some people claim this is satire. The implication then is that Mr O Neill is a very clever man and I am merely a pleb: someone too stupid to spot the truth. He’s a smart man and therefore he can get away with this.


This is just elitist crap and this is not the first time such comments are attached to contentious commentary. We hear this a lot. It’s just a mask for nastiness. It’s no different than saying “I fucking hate queers” and then, in reply to the deliberately provoked and correct response, to say “aha! I was merely being satirical and you’re just stupid”. This is odious class warfare, but it’s what I’ve come to expect from the BBC and the press.

Enough is enough. These people need to be called out and shamed at the very least. I don’t condone violence, that’s what they want. But it’s not enough to just ignore them. They are trolls of the worst kind and deigning to ignore them is another form of feeding the troll. It’s being forced to behave in a certain way in response to their nastiness. Get these wankers sacked, shame them. They have to learn this cannot go on.

We are living in a society where kids are fainting in schools because their parents, having been sanctioned, cannot afford to feed them! Meanwhile the mainstream media bolsters the lie that, because this is Britain, poverty cannot exist here.



  1. You're definitely right about people not having a voice. This is incredibly frustrating, and frustration about having no power/control over something inevitably leads to anger and violence. I'm not sure if we'll definitely see another occurrence of the London riots but I can definitely foresee bouts of violence happening. I've already seen a few at my WP recently and there wasn't any up until then. It could just be a coincidence but I don't know...I'm hearing snippets of conversation all the time when I'm walking about, or on the bus or even in the charity shop I volunteer in, and people are pissed. They don't deserve all this shit, yet they're getting majorly screwed over.

    Something's gotta give.

    1. I'm sure it will kick off. Something ugly is brewing. I can only hope that the support is there to deal with it otheriwse it will be the government again overreacting, missing the point, and demonising people like the did 2 years ago.


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