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Jeremy's Spoken (hide the kids, there's gonna be swears!)

After the strike, which I fully support, we all get to sit down to tea and watch the delightful flufforama that is the One Show. Look who the guest is, it's comedy legend Jeremy Clarkson. Let's hear what this insightful reporter has to say.
There isn't enough sarcasm in the world to adequately compensate for how angry this fucking moron makes me feel. But of course that's the point isn't it. He's just a sad little agitator handsomely paid (ironically) to animate the country's favourite current bogeymen, usually under the guise of 'political correctness gone mad'. Is he joking? Christ knows, does it matter though? He's a cunt of the highest order. The sad thing is, as his laughable 'career' trajectory veers down he finds he has to resort to ever more shocking nonsense in order to seem relevant to his audience. I can't imagine who they are: the petrolhead Sun reading climate change denying (because climate change is, predictably, 'political correctness gone mad') knuckle draggers that buy into his feverish invective believing it to be real. The sort that look to Al Murray for verification of their worldview. I bet the EDL have Smash Hits like posters of Clarkson all over the walls.
I won't go into detail about where his point of view is mistaken since it's patently obvious that it's a load of utter bollocks playing to a small minded crowd - the sort that think the beeb is a loony lefty nuthouse. What does annoy me though is how people like this control the debate.
Two factors come into play in responding to the likes of Clarkson:
Either you ignore him, which tacitly gives him credibility because his views go unchallenged. Rising above it and 'sticks and stones' is all very nice, in theory, but in reality it doesn't do much to confront the ignorant nor stem the rise of their views in the general populace.
Or you get angry and call him a twat. This is immediately satisfying but has the problem of playing into their hands. You then become the loony lefty liberal politically correct bogeyman that he and his pals rail against. You become 'the man'.
It's just pathetic. But then so is Clarkson.
Fortunately the answer is simple - out of his own mouth in fact! Can you guess?


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