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Nom, Nom, Nom!

Tuck in Britain, your friends in Government (friendship not included) have provided the means for you lazy poor shmucks to eat proper like.
Unfortunately that doesn't mean fois gras, duck a l'orange, or truffles. What it does mean is that it's going to publish some healthy recipes for us all to eat on the cheap. To that end, it's going to 'encourage' three supermarket chains (Aldi, Asda and The Coop) to offer discounts. What will be discounted and for how much? Er, well that's down to the supermarkets.
A lean idea for a leaner Britain that Diane Abbot correctly identifies as grotesque. She points out that the government could issue vouchers people could use specifically. Instead it's big business as usual.
Every day I wake and wonder just how the government can trump itself, and every day it does. What's next, bully beef, powdered eggs and ration books? Dig for victory Britain - we might give you a few pence off a spade!


  1. i have a horrible feeling that they will ban all fast food places, all food places. and you can only get food from government run food centres, where you get the bare minimum, so no "fat" people because they obviously causes all the problems with the NHS, and a lot of unemployed must be "fat" because they do nothing at home. They are well on the way to banning smoking and drinking, that people have to contribute to society to get health care. Its a brave new world after all.

  2. this is part of a story i wrote years ago.

    For the first time that day, George went to the alcove and inputted his personal id number, then inserted his id card, then had to submit to the usual retina and dna scan. It was a routine now 4 times a day he would go and get scanned to prove that they werent a burden to the state. Each time the laser ran over his eye George shuddered, thinking how the world has changed in so short a time. Once again he passed his burden test, but this time it seemed to take longer which was odd since they were all controlled by the central register. As he sat waiting for the data to be read out, he thought why would they be slow accessing. He smiled as his data was read out he had passed the daily task list, one more day alive, but the cynical part of him said hang on, if something good happened now, that means something bad would happen later. As usual his cynical outlook was prooved to be correct.

    "George number 876, 213 B. your work quota has been increased, you will be transferred to the central register, for reprocessing. All hail the state, they who feed you, clothe you, protect you. You will report for processing tomorrow at 11 am."

    and the last lines..
    Once again after his shift was over, and once again another meeting, George was starting to get annoyed now over the waste of time why couldn't they just leave him alone he was happy, but now no one was it was all for the good of the state

  3. Oh, the government are happy for people to sell fatty crap to people. That's the hypocrisy of it all, just like smoking. They are happy to sell cigarettes but then they want to appear populist so they pretend to be helpful. A few pence off an apple in one particular store (that happens to coincide with it's own in-store special offer) is just typical corporate crap from this government.


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