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If I worked in a cinema as an usher and shouted "fire run for your lives!" during a busy performance I'd be sacked. Unless my name was Francis Maude, MP, of course.

How in the name of fuck does this man still have a job? Not only does he offer a limp and shameful performance on Monday in response to the cash for Cameron debacle, as the PM couldn't be bothered to attend Parliament, but he's back on the news, yesterday, calling for widespread panic!

I have never seen such a reckless narcissistic government as this. That this utter cretin, this ignorant stupid twit, cannot see past his own nose to the impact of opening such a Pandora's Box beggars belief. How on earth can he continue? The fire service are telling people NOT to stockpile combustible flammable liquids like petrol in their cars, garages and especially homes. But it's too late now, Maude cannot unsay what he has said, and that is why he must immediately go.

But he won't. The Tories live in their own little world. It absolutely wouldn't have occurred to him (he doesn't drive, either his chauffeur ferries him around or he gets expenses for taxis and private cabs) that his words were utterly reckless.

This government must now be removed. We've had the NHS destroyed, welfare reforms are going through if not already so, war on Iran will surely follow if the yanks pull the trigger, austerity hasn't worked and people are almost at each other's throats across the nation. What more is it going to take? We can forget about the coalition's 'social conscience' because it's obvious that Clegg and company are no less a part of the problem. We must now call for a general strike and push it through until these people are out of office. How on earth can we carry on as we are with these Bullingdon Boy maniacs?


  1. The problem is, who are we going to get.. Labour who's policies that while may not have completely caused the problems, they made it worse (i am completely apolitical), the libs they are in the pockets now of the tories, We really need a proper group of people to run, people with experience of the real world, rather than people who live in ivory towers and send their kids to private schools to insulate them from any bad things that the rest of us have experienced. All three parties are there not for you, or me, they are out for what they can get, MPs are never the ones who are hurting, any of them.

    Yes we needed to get a few things sorted, but what with the global downturn, what with europe imploding, this is having an effect on us. But so long as there are safe seats in parliament, how can we actually have a country that works. No matter who i vote for in my home town i know that labour will be in, My answer abolish all parties, and get back to local MP's for Local towns, dealing with that place and whats best for them, then perhaps we can find a middle ground when government works for the people, rather than then dictating policies that harm you, me, and every other normal person.

  2. Broadly speaking I agree. The entire system is corrupt and the politicians corrupted. But removing the tories would have the effect of a) removing the tories and b) sending a pretty clear message. So as a shrot term goal it's pretty good.
    We can forget the Libdems they don't exist anymore.
    What I would like to see would be such a sea change that it will take a long time for it to happen, but the effects of global warming, global economic cooling, and social meltdown might force some kind of change that we were promised in 2010 but absolutely hasn't happened.


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