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Still Not Much Help

Lean times for people that need help or even just want to do something different. I've managed to prise a letter from my GP as he has now spoken with The Psychologist. Not surprisingly the letter tells me next to nothing. I still have no idea what the test I undertook was actually for; it wasn't to get on the sick, and it wasn't to give a diagnosis. This is the same language used by the Fit Note culture: telling me what the test was not for is not telling me anything. Similarly telling people what a person with disabilities can do is ignoring those disabilities. And to what end? So they can be shuffled into the great queue for jobs. Worse, the queue for the average sort of work (ie the only sort of work) you will find via the DWP. So something like writing from home isn't ever going to come through that system. The letter does acknowledge that, while in principle arbeitmachtfrei - sorry, work cures all (that's what I meant to say of course!), in practical terms I need the right sort of work.

But that's not how the jobcentre works. I face the prospect of being referred to the Work Programme when next I sign (Friday, the sense of dread is already peaking once again - something my GP has no understanding of either. I'm amazed I haven't turned to drink or weed this far into my life). I've already been told that The Psychologist isn't interested in supporting my call for the right sort of help there, because, according to her, they are not compelled to listen to her. Does that mean she shouldn't even bother to rubber stamp a letter from me telling them what I need? What happens if it transpires they aren't interested in listening to me either?

That's the problem, and that's what no one I'm dealing with seems to understand. My GP seems to think that between them the 'job shop' as he calls it should be helping me appropriately. Unfortunately as we all know the reality as experienced by people on the front line having to deal with the DWP and its partners, nothing is ever so simple, nor is it guaranteed; and unfortunately for me raising this point isn't being pragmatic - it's being negative. That, according to the new right wing religion, isn't allowed.


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I contacted the Patient Advisory Liaison Service (PALS) to try and sort this out after being lied to by the clinician regarding referring me to the ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) people. That never happened and she continues to deny saying she would. Of course I cannot prove this and so the patient-doctor dynamic kicks in: I'm the lowly patient, she's the expert doctor, her reputation versus mine and so who wins?

I could make a complaint, but what would be the point. I might get a nice letter in a few months time saying sorry in a mealy mouthed way, but it doesn't get me any closer to what I need. That being a diagnosis, a formal, written and recorded, recognition of the issues I deal with. Lacking that, dealing with the systems in society, chiefly the DWP, becomes more difficult. Unfortunately the medical profession doesn't seem to care about that.

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