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Smoke and Mirrors

That's all the WP is. From the untruths uttered by professional sociopaths like Grayling to the cash strapped charities desperate for money, plaudits and validation. It is abundantly clear now that this scheme is not remotely fit for purpose, as if it was ever going to be.

There is clearly a culture of misinformation. I'm not sure I put that down to any clever conspiracy, i doubt the government are that clever. It's more a case of poor communication from day one. No one really understands what they are meant to do and when they aren't supported in delivering the kinds of vision that Grayling continues to espouse it starts to creak and groan.

The upshot of all this is that the claimant is constantly kept on the backfoot. I walked into the meeting not knowing what to expect, so I'm guarded (well, more than usual) from the start. Is that really the way to run things? Keeping people in the dark? Not telling them what's going to happen, what's on offer, what they can expect? No of course not, but it's just all spin. No one told me I was going to be interviewed by an incompetent organisation that ignored the data fed to them by their prime and the JC. Noone said to me I was going to be sat in a musty old church hall surrounded by what I would regard as inappropriate religious accoutrement's. I don't even recall seeing a single Internet connection, perhaps they all had wifi. But then there were only two pc's present: the laptops used by the staff.

Noone tells you that there isn't anything on offer. No training for instance. So how am I to move forward? We are living in a period of mass unemployment so you might reasonably argue that retraining people and offering them a broadening of their skills might be a good thing. That isn't the case. So how can this scheme possibly help? How are they going to find me a proper job if they wilfully keep me in the same circumstances I am now?

That's the bottom line: this programme is clearly not resourced or run to offer that kind of help. It will not and seemingly cannot target that which it needs to unless the individual is pretty much within the orbit of a job already. In which case the merest push will be seen to help him get the job, when that's not true at all. As a result the DWP can claim success for this scheme while shutting out all complaints. That's what is happening. I cannot see success for this scheme at all, even for the providers. It is simply a money making enterprise for the primes and quite probably a waste of time for the subcontractors. They aren't being supported and don't have the money to help with things like training, but they are the actual providers that people will see.


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